What happens when girls ejaculate

Female Ejaculation: What Happens When Women Ejaculate?

Yuck, some readers might think now, if I had known that beforehand. So when women ejaculate, does that mean only urine comes out? The rumor goes even further: female ejaculation and squirting are not the same thing! Now I'm really confused. If just a little comes out and it is milky, then it is the ejaculate, if more comes out, then it is the urine. Did I understand that correctly? From what amount of liquid do we have to take care of our bedding? And who actually said that again and what do we do with this knowledge?

What is squirting anyway?

Squirting describes a certain phenomenon shortly before or during the climax. Women who squirt actually shed fluid in spurts when they are very excited. The pleasure experience is not about orgasm! But both can take place at the same time. But what is related to oragsmus is female ejaculation - which, by the way, is NOT the same as squirting. During female ejaculation, a whitish, thick liquid is secreted. However, this fluid secretion is usually so small that it is hardly noticed or does not leave the vagina properly. Squirting, on the other hand, often releases a larger amount of fluid. This then emerges in bursts and is usually clear and fluid. But what kind of liquid is that? Urine? At least that's what the rumors are ... Studies should at least contradict each other: some say it is urine, others say it only contains a small amount of urine. So the scholars argue.

Science is not always the measure of all things

Before this rumor finally drives away the lust and climax, I would like to clarify a few things. French scientists conducted a study on female ejaculation. And even if the results were published in the venerable Journal of Sexual Medicine in December 2014, the scientists only examined seven women in the end. Seven. And here the Difference in fluids have revealed. “The data we collected during ultrasound scans of the bladder and in biochemical analyzes indicate that female ejaculation is the involuntary secretion of urine during sexual activity, although there is also a marginal proportion of prostate secretions in the fluid can be determined. " Doesn't sound very erotic.

Studies show that the fluid is similar to male ejaculate

But don't panic. There are also studies that show that this is liquid Similarity to the male ejaculate has, only without sperm, and therefore does not contain any urine. The similarity of the fluids is explained by the fact that there is spongy tissue around the woman's urethra, which is also found in the man's prostate. We call them "paraurethral glands". They are in the area that we call the G-spot or G-zone, and the stimulation of which, as in the case of the prostate, can produce feelings of pleasure. The prostate produces the fluid that, together with the sperm, forms the man's ejaculate. And there is no pee in it. At most, tiny traces from the last visit to the toilet. Because the ejaculate takes the way through the urethra during orgasm. However, if for some reason it can't get out, it flows back into the bladder. And then it is peed out along with the urine. In women too, the tissue around the urethra can fill with fluid and shoot out with the right stimulation, just like in men. Can, but doesn't have to. And I like this explanation a lot better than the French one.

Urine or prostate secretion?

Is it urine or prostate secretion that comes out when women ejaculate? I honestly don't know. As is so often the case, different studies lead to different results. But I assume that all women who can squirt would have noticed if large amounts of urine had come out of them. Urine is usually neither colorless nor odorless. And he doesn't shoot out of us in a high arc either. But it's exciting how difficult it is to explore female sexuality. Is there a vaginal orgasm or is it all coming from the clitoris? Does the G-spot exist or doesn't it exist? Is the cervix sexually sensitive or not? Why do we even have an orgasm? The list of questions is endless.

Female cumshots: what's so fascinating about it?

I also find it interesting that squirting is number 7 on the list of the most searched porn terms. Men seem to be particularly fascinated by women when they cum. Perhaps the spray fluid for men is the apparently visible proof that a woman is lustful. And an orgasm! Because if squirting was directly related to an orgasm, then the guesswork would finally be over. Did she like it or was she just pretending? No, there would finally be clarity here. But that's not the point! Sex can be great even without an orgasm. Because it's not just about the physical sensation, but above all about the closeness and connection that we feel. Because of this, sex on the other hand can be unsatisfactory despite an orgasm. Because women can actually come without the fuss. This is especially known to those who have good vibrators. And besides, squirting and orgasm are not related in women. Both can also be done separately. So the orgasm proof does not apply.

Can every woman squirt?

Every woman has the physical prerequisite for intermittent exudation of fluids. But few women actually squirt. As already said, the topic has not yet been researched in a particularly detailed and representative manner. It is assumed, however, that women can at least train it. Since the secretion should come from the prostate, it helps to stimulate it. The female prostate is roughly where the G-spot should be. Inside the vagina towards the abdominal wall.

One thing is certain: the head must be free! Squirting can only be achieved by really relaxing and not working hard on something. Feel free to try it out. The G-spot and clitoris should be stimulated at the same time. Whether with your hands, a vibrator or your partner is a matter of taste. By the way, trained pelvic floor muscles are suitable for gaining more pleasure or at all. Relaxation actually allows super orgasms to be experienced - However, one cannot say that squirting makes orgasms more intense. It is just all interrelated and cannot simply be broken down into “if then” equations.

Women who squirt report that shortly beforehand it feels like going to the bathroom. Simply give in to this pressure in the lower abdomen and accept that the bed sheet will get wet. But please don't expect too much: many women try it for years and only achieve a few drops of fluid.

Why do women ejaculate in the first place?

Experts are still discussing the importance of female ejaculation - on the one hand, it should have the purpose of moistening the mucous membranes in the genital area. This increases the lubricity during sex. On the other hand, the secretions should neutralize the acidic environment in the vagina and ensure the survival of the sperm. The glucose in the ejaculate should also serve the sperm as a kind of food and concentrate on the way to the egg cell. Well then, have a good trip!

Orgasm without ejaculation: does it make you sick - or is woman sick?

In fact, some women try to suppress orgasm because they are embarrassed about the female ejaculate towards their partner. Apart from the fact that there is absolutely no reason for this, not every woman ejaculates - only around two thirds of all women have so-called paraurethral glands (also called Skene glands, which secrete the ejaculate). The frequency of female ejaculation should therefore only be between 10 and 54 percent! Because the secretion is not an integral part of the female orgasm, non-ejaculation usually has no disease value.

You don't always have to know everything exactly

Sometimes I wish for the times when we could just trust our feelings. The times when not every little thing was explored and taken apart. Times when there were still taboos that could be broken and that made sex exciting. And I don't even want to know what exactly comes out of us. If it's fun, it's good. And if it's not fun, then let's just leave it. The sporty shooting out of liquids in the style of porn doesn't look like pleasure to me. We can certainly do without that at home. You can try it out like an exotic spice. But a lot of the women I speak to are not keen on soaking large areas of their bed linen with it anyway. And those who enjoy it can just go on with it. Ultimately, nothing has changed, whatever comes out of it.

Anja Drews - sexologist for ORION

Date: 07/23/2020