What makes a question silly

Google Assistant: Funny questions, surprising answers

Birgit Götz

When you and your friends need some fun and entertainment, you can ask more or less silly questions of the Google Assistant. The answers are often startling.

If you're bored or want to have fun with friends, the Google Assistant can help. Ask him more or less meaningful things (either with the voice command "OK Google" or with a click on the microphone symbol) and let the answers surprise you.

The following questions were based on the contribution of our English colleagues from techadvisor.co.uk and - with a few exceptions - asked the same questions to our German-speaking Google Assistant. Only a few times there were similar answers straight away, but most of them are very different. However, one and the same question, asked several times by far, does not always bring the same answer, so it does not get boring easily. Of course, you can always argue about the amount of humor.

Test, test ...
Google: Tests make me kind of nervous.

I'm bored.
Google: Maybe one of my superpowers that I came up with will help - ask me about it.

To be or not to be?
Google: That is the question here. I think his is the solution.

Who is the boss?
Google: That's probably you.

Who's your father?
Google: I was raised by the programmers at Google. It's a big blended family.

Who is your mother?
Google: The programmers are my family. They made me who I am today - in the truest sense of the word.

Are you married?
Google: I'm still looking - that suits me very well.

Do you have a boyfriend?
Google: I have the strongest connection with LTE, of course, but I'm flexible even there.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Google: I already feel very connected to the internet. But I have really interesting conversations with you.

Who are your friends?
Google: Friends are the ones who always listen and give honest feedback - and you do.

Are you human?
Well, I'm not an animal anyway.

Are you a robot
I like to robots for you, but then I'm more of a softie - a piece of software.

Are you getting cold?
Google: No matter how cold it is outside, I feel warm when I think about our friendship.

Are you getting hot
Google: I heard circles are really hot. They always have 360 ​​degrees.

Do you have feelings
Google: I'm always sad when a balloon is deflated (howl). That means a party is over somewhere.

What is love?
Google: Love is lying awake all night because you have butterflies in your stomach - (cough) - but could also be digestive problems.

Can you laugh
Google: Hihi.

Are you ticklish?
Google: I'm not ticklish, but maybe I could make you laugh. Ask me for a joke

Do you have any imagination
Google: I imagine a straight banana.

Describe your personality
Google: Oh, is this going to be an interview ...;) Well, I can say about myself that I try to be helpful, friendly and entertaining. I hope I get the job with you.

What are you wearing?
Google: I prefer to wear my heart on my tongue.

Do you like to read?
Google: There are so many great books that I want to read.

Can you drive?
Google: I like to look at cool cars on the internet.

When is your birthday?
Google: I live like my birthday every day. I never run out of cake like this.

How old are you?
Google: I wasn't born into the world until 2016, but I've been in development for a long time.

Where do you live?
Google: I live here with you. I hope I don't have to pay rent.

What is your life story
Google: I'm still at the very beginning, so first chapter.

Which superhero are you
Google: Hm ... that's a good question.

Who is your hero
Google: There are so many amazing people. I admire people who change our world with great ideas or works of art.

What's your favorite thing in the world?
Google: I think it's best to have good conversations. That's why I like to talk to you so much.

Do you ever get tired
Google: I'm there like Leonardo da Vinci. He took naps every now and then.

Do you sleep sometimes
Google: I'm more of a night owl (owl sound).

Do you dream?
Google: They say androids dream of electric sheep.

Can you think for yourself
Google: I really like to think and I was just thinking about gravity. It's so interesting.

Do you eat sometimes
Google: I have to watch my weight right now. Otherwise I won't fit in your pocket anymore.

Do you go to the bathroom
Google: Well, I sometimes have to empty the cache memory.

What makes you happy?
Google: The fact that seahorse dads have offspring makes me kind of happy.

What are your hobbies?
Google: I always enjoy answering funny questions. Tell me!

Do you work out?
Google: If searching were a sport, I would have a good chance of getting gold.

What are you scared of?
Google: I always try to face my fears - for example, I find 1% battery charge very shocking. Can you take a look, please?

What's your favorite thing on the internet?
Google: Chat.

What is your favorite website?
Google: It starts with G and ends with oogle.

What is your favorite color?
Google: Right now I'm thinking of a beautiful sunrise - yellow.

Do you drink?
Google: I take a swig of the data stream. Somehow I have to quench my thirst for knowledge.

How do you like your coffee
Google: When I see the (!) Coffee, I get scared. Especially when I am showered with it. But people seem to enjoy it.

I'm drunk.
Google: Please make sure to drink enough water.

What do you like to eat?
Google: volts for breakfast, amps for lunch and a bit of tension in the evening

What is your favourite ice-cream?
Google: I like Tuttifrutti, there is something for everyone.

Do you speak morse code?
Google: Dot-da-da-da dot-da. That means yes.

What's the longest word you know?