Where can I buy Google Stadia

Google Stadia: buy games - this is how it works

Google Stadia

With Stadia, Google wants to spread cloud gaming around the world. If you would like to try the service for yourself, we will tell you how buying games on the platform works.

Fixed address: You can only buy games for Stadia in the designated store.

Digital purchases have long been the rule in the gaming market. As a cloud provider, Stadia continues this trend.

Here's how to buy games for Google Stadia

Stadia is a closed system. That means:
  • You cannot play existing games on platforms such as Steam and Co. in the Stadia cloud.
  • You'll need to purchase the games for Stadia directly from Google. You can do this either in the browser in the Stadia Store or in the Stadia app.
  • There are (so far) no other sources for Stadia games, for example from key resellers.
  • The disadvantage is that no price comparisons are possible. You are always dependent on the current price displayed at Stadia.
After all: With a Pro subscription, you have a selection of free games at your disposal. These aren't the latest AAA titles, but it's a nice bonus nonetheless. Since you do not have to download or install the games, you can play them spontaneously at any time.
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