What is the benefit of learning to program

Life is short, I use python!
In the past few years, the Python language has become a huge hit. With the popularization of Artificial Intelligence, the use of Python is becoming more and more widespread.
The editor specially organized this article to introduce how to download and install the latest version of the Windows system. The article contains a detailed installation tutorial

Install the easy_install and pip toolkits or third party tool libraries like numpy, scipy, matplotlib, etc. For common questions about downloading and installing Python, watch the following video and listen to the teacher's explanation

Analysis of the Python programming industry and introduction to the course

The video above is from the first section of the Python Industry Analysis of Mr. Li Gang's 21 Days Clearance Python online video course.

Please read below for detailed installation graphic tutorials!
A Python installation
Enter the Python official website https://www.python.org/ Click Downloads to download python3.7.4, as shown.

The default installation location is the C: \ root directory of the C drive. If the C drive has enough space, it is not recommended to change the directory. The Python installation package is only 24.47MB which is not very large and it is recommended to install it step by step to avoid being found after installation. Remember where you saved the installation package!

When the download is complete, find the location of the installation package and click Open. The following prompt box will appear. The second tick must be important! The second exam must be important! The second exam must be important! The important thing is said three times! Once clicked, there is no need to manually add environment variables, the system will add them automatically, which is very worry-free! Then select Install Now to install it right away. The process is very quick and takes less than 1 minute.

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