How did the Roman Colosseum break down

Is the Colosseum already broken or is there still fighting going on?

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The Colosseum is a symbol of Rome. The history of the huge structure is fascinating. In the times of the ancient Romans, gladiator fights took place here. But how does it look today? Is the Colosseum already broken or is there still fighting going on? Katha, 8 years old, would like to know.

The Colosseum was the largest of the amphietheaters built in ancient Rome. You can still visit its ruins today. Source: © nexus 7, Shutterstock.

If you go to Rome today, you can still visit the Colosseum for a substantial entry fee. However, you will only find the ruins of the original building. Nevertheless, you will see how powerful the facility is.

It is the largest amphitheater in Rome and the ancient world. In 79 AD the Colosseum was inaugurated unfinished by Vespasian. The four-storey building is 188 meters long in the longitudinal axis and 48.5 meters high. It has around 45,000 seats and 5,000 standing places. In addition, you can still see the underground facilities today. For example, there were cages for the wild animals. The animals were brought upstairs in elevators. The arena, which was otherwise covered with sand, could also be flooded for staging naval battles.

Gladiator fights last took place in 403. Animal baiting was carried out in the Colosseum until the middle of the 6th century. Then it became part of the Frangipani Castle in the 12th century and served as a fortress for a long time. Later as a quarry and in 1749 it was consecrated as a martyr's place.