What does a house cleaning service do

Professional building cleaning

What is building cleaning and why is it important?
We have explained these questions for you below.

What is building cleaning?

Building cleaning is the cleaning of rooms, stairwells, windows and external facades. Separate terms have established themselves for cleaning offices (office cleaning) and medical practices (practice cleaning). But both still fall under the general term of building cleaning.

What is important in good building cleaning?

With good building cleaning, it is important to ensure that every last corner is thoroughly clean. It is always cleaned from top to bottom. For example, dust that falls from the lamps is wiped away as the cleaning process continues. Another important point is choosing the right cleaning agent. Here, high-quality products should be used according to the motto: "as little as possible, as much as necessary".
In addition, we at Teska Gebäudereinigung make every effort to ensure that you notice us as little as possible. We clean your premises by arrangement at times when we do not interfere with you. For example, we do office cleaning after work and stairwell cleaning when most people are at work.

Why should you hire a professional building cleaning service?

If you have your rooms, your office or your practice cleaned by a professional building cleaner, there are many advantages for you. Some of these benefits can be found in the list below.
  • You feel much more comfortable in a clean environment.
  • In a clean office, your employees are more motivated and productive.
  • A clean facade and a clean staircase are your figureheads. The first impression with visitors (or customers) will therefore be positive.
  • Professional building cleaning is ideal for maintaining the value of your building.
If you outsource your building cleaning, you have more time for the important and beautiful things of everyday life.
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