How do you blog

Do you blog

At Rito, we appreciate bloggers who share their experiences with various hobby products. We follow various blogs and Facebook pages dealing with topics such as yarn and hobbies.

We are already cooperating with many blogs, websites and Facebook pages. The people behind these pages often test out exciting hobby products for us. This is a great way for them to write about their own experiences and share their honest opinions about various hobby products. Sometimes they give away our hobby products in competition campaigns. Together we will discover the popularity and possible uses of hobby products.

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Before we can send you hobby products, we would like to learn a lot about you and your blog, website or Facebook page.

Let us know the following information about your website or blog:

  • Thematic focus
  • Approximate number of visitors per month
  • How long have you been blogging
  • Link to your website

Contact us via email.

We ask for your understanding that the response time by email may be a little longer in this case.

In order for it to be relevant for us, your website or blog should be frequented by visitors / followers who are relevant to us. From time to time we re-evaluate the relevance of cooperations for us and decide how many hobby products we can send you. Unfortunately, we cannot promise cooperation with all submissions / inquirers.

PS: It is also possible to make money by placing our banner advertisement or a link on our website with you. You can find out more about it here.

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