Have you ever met a famous person

Which historical person would you have liked to meet?

If you don't know the film, here's the story (but it's better to watch the film):

On New Year's Eve in 1899, the scientist George revealed to his friends, who were his guests, that he had invented a time machine. [...]

After his visitors have left him, George goes into the laboratory of his house and embarks on a time travel into the future in his time machine. [...] When he recognizes an inviting environment, he brakes and finally stops on October 12, 802.701, where he finds a paradisiacal landscape when he gets out of his machine. A group of people sit by the river bank and eat fruit. When a girl threatens to drown in the river and no one intervenes, George saves the girl. It then introduces itself as Weena. Then George tries to get into conversation with the apathetic residents of the garden, the Eloi. One of the young people finally leads George into a library, where George is dismayed to discover that the books have crumbled to dust and all human knowledge has been lost.

George finally wants to return to his machine, but finds that it has been pulled into a temple-like building crowned by a kind of sphinx. George tries to break into the building, but fails. Weena tells him that the Morlocks brought the machine into the building. She shows him talking rings, a kind of futuristic sound carrier, from which George learns that the earth was contaminated by bacteria after a war lasting over 300 years and that human civilization is divided into two groups, the Eloi in the sunlight and the Morlocks below the surface , split.

Suddenly an alarm siren sounds, whereupon Weena and the other Eloi run into the building as if hypnotized. George manages to penetrate the underground facility through an air shaft. There he finds huge machines as well as skeletons of the Eloi eaten by the Morlocks. When he wants to take Weena with him and is hit by a Morlock's whip, he threatens the cannibalist Morlocks with a torch. A scuffle develops between George and some Morlocks, in which, after some hesitation, the Eloi finally intervene. After several Morlocks are killed, George and the Eloi flee through an exhaust duct. As he escapes, George lights a liquid on the wall with his torch, whereupon a fire develops throughout the underground facility. [...]

The next day, George finds his machine in the burning remains of the Morlock facility. [...] When he returned to his time and told his friends about his experiences, he encountered unbelief. [...] To do this, he pushed the time machine back to its original location and took three books with him from the library in order to create a new world for the Eloi together with Weena.