Why should I enter into a relationship

Why still be in a relationship these days?


I broke up with my boyfriend with a heavy heart. We were together for two years. The first year was nice with him, but after that it got worse and worse.
Things that were taken for granted for me, like going on vacation together, spending holidays together or being introduced to friends, were not in the foreground for him. I and my family integrated him into the family from the start. My parents treated like a son.
However, his brother and mother always came first.
After I finished my education I would have loved to move in with him, but he didn't want to. That's why I found my own apartment near him.

After countless things, from humiliations from his mother to: when my friends are around you don't have to come ... the way he treated me ... he never stood by me and everything was his more important than me,

I couldn't stand it anymore and split up after I asked him if he really loved me and he first said he wasn't sure, but then said that there probably weren't enough emotions.

It's been 4 months now and it still hurts every day.
It is particularly painful that after a few weeks he had a new girlfriend.

I realized that I certainly did not want to admit and endure many things because I did not want a separation.
The question I ask myself, however, is why should anyone still be in a relationship these days?
Who is still ready for a real relationship?
I feel in a wrong world. I had to part with my boyfriend because I love ... and he has a new one a few wipes later?

Can't I even expect my own boyfriend to break up if he doesn't want to be with me anymore?
What more are you supposed to believe when you celebrate your 2nd anniversary together and you are told that he loves you and three weeks later there are no more feelings?
Even if men can cope better with a breakup more often and have a new partner more quickly, I can't imagine even if I no longer had feelings for my partner and would break up after such a short time Time to be with someone else ...

I have the feeling that today the boyfriend or girlfriend is often a figurehead, for every situation in life .... Because it is just nice not to be alone or because you need someone for your vacation ...

True love ? Today? I don't believe in it anymore

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