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The 5 most powerful villains from My Hero Academia

Where there is light, there is also shadow: Just as the heroes in My Hero Academia use their specialties for good, there is also a dark side - we introduce you to the five most powerful villains!

Although numerous superheroes in countless series, films and comics have already committed themselves to the fight against evil, darkness is never completely erased from the surface of the earth. This also applies to the world of My Hero Academia, because although Deku and his friends give everything to one day as saviors to protect people from harm, they keep brewing under cover of night evil shadows together.

We asked around which bad guys are considered especially terrifying apply and present you today the top 5 of the most bloodcurdling opponents!

The following top list is based on an evaluation of various community rankings, as well as our own assumptions and is no official list! The strength of the My Hero Academia villains is debatable - if you see certain things differently, please write us in the comments! Besides, you should Be prepared for spoilers up to the current anime episode!

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5th place: USJ Nomu

Of all the genetically modified nomus that have made life difficult for the Yuei troops so far, the monster from the Unforeseen simulation Joint-Arc is the most threatening. By the whims of science in a Monster with a pitch-black body and a protruding brain transformed, his blows are stronger than a locomotive and he himself is almost invulnerable.

The mix of the two specialties "Shock absorption" and "Super regeneration" ensures that the Nomu not only absorbs attacks, but can also heal severed limbs and serious injuries in the blink of an eye. So the attacks of the Yuei students could absolutely not harm him and it was up to All Might to avert worse with a courageous attack.

4th place: Tomura Shigaraki

As one of the first major villains in the series, Shigaraki is gifted with the ability to "decay." Whether organic or inorganic, if he touches any object with his bare hands, he loosens it into its constituent parts and is thus able to effortlessly cause a real bloodbath. Always a victim of fear and contempt through his strength, he developed a severe hatred of all living things that does not even stop at his own existence.

So, as the current leader of the Rogue League, he tries to smash the structures of rule of the world and all through that Eliminate the superheroes to be traced back to what he believed to be the right path. Despite numerous fights, it has not yet been possible to stop him and he still poses a formidable threat to freedom ...

3rd place: Stain

Known as the "hero killer", villain Stain is a symbol of fear and terror. He hides behind his ninja mask no hideous hatred to the knights of justice, but rather to those who use a noble disposition as an excuse for selfish deeds. Anyone who exploits his specialty commercially or does not show full commitment in the fight against crime will feel Stain's katana, which he is able to wield with superhuman speed and abnormal strength.

Once he has tasted the blood of his adversary, he can do it with his ability "Coagulation" paralyze and exhale without any problems. He is surrounded by a threatening aura that makes the blood of even experienced professional heroes freeze in their veins ...

2nd place: Overhaul

One of the most threatening villains of the My Hero Academia saga so far is without a doubt Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul, who terrorized both the world of heroes and that of the villains in the latest anime arc. His ability is representative of his attitude, because he himself regards the specialties as illnessthat rouse miserable symptoms such as heroism or malice in people, which must be eradicated in its place.

So he is able to split everything he touches into its essence and put it back together again. He can put the matter back together in whatever way he likes and for example Covering up murdersby restoring the corpses without a scratch. His increased stamina and speed make Overhaul a formidable face-to-face opponent.

1st place: All for One

The villain of the villains and by far the worst threat that the people of Japan have been exposed to so far is All for One - the arch-rival All Mights. As someone who always demands something in return from others for his help, he is exactly opposed to the selfless disposition of a hero and over the years has developed into a psychopath who takes his crimes as part of a sick moral concept justified as well.

With his specialty, which allows him to take on the skills of others, he gradually transformed into a downright monster, whose powers gave the hero no chance of victory. Only All Might managed to put All for One in its place, but the fight demanded that End of its era as a light of hope and plunges the world into an uncertain future ...

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