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The garden gnome

Spade, - (m.) - a device for working the soil with a wide, flat part made of metal attached to a long wooden handle (similar to a shovel)

Night watchman - here: a person who used to walk through cities at night and check that everything is okay

Garden center, - (n.) - a big shop where you can buy everything you need for a garden (e.g. tools, seating, flowers, etc.)

Sandstone, -e (m.) - a soft type of stone made up of at least 50 percent sand grains

Sound, - (m.) - here: a natural material that can be shaped together with water and, when dry, can be burned in a very hot oven

move with the times - be progressive, take part in new developments

Original - here: the first

Patent, -e (n.) - the right to use an invention economically

Breakthrough, breakthroughs (m.) - here: the first great success

ideal world (f., singular only) - literally for: an illusory world in which everything is harmonious and good

Mass product, -e (n.) - something that is produced in large quantities

Petty bourgeoisie (f., Singular only) - here negative for: the way of life in which people have prejudices or fixed, traditional opinions

Philistinism (n., Singular only) - the way of life in which people do not want any changes and always live according to fixed social rules