Why do people cut their wrists?

The 7 Most Common Hand Disorders

The carpal tunnel is located on the wrist, this is where the nerves flow from the forearm to the hand. Constant pressure or overloading the adjacent tissue can constrict the nerve and damage it as a result.

An ergonomically incorrectly positioned computer keyboard can also result in the tendons in the carpal tunnel swelling and putting the median nerve "under pressure". The consequences are severe pain, which can sometimes radiate into the shoulder or neck area. The first symptoms are numbness of the fingers ("falling asleep", mostly at night), muscle weakness and limited functionality (e.g. when screwing a bottle).

The hand surgeon recognizes a carpal tunnel syndrome as part of a specialist examination based on the typical symptoms. MRI or the measurement of the nerve conduction velocity confirm the diagnosis.

Although the symptoms can initially be treated successfully with injections of anti-inflammatory drugs or a night splint, surgery has established itself as the most successful treatment method for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). There are two options for this: the open and the endoscopic operation ("keyhole technique"). Both aim to loosen the connective tissue around the carpal tunnel in order to relieve the nerve.


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