How big is the yacht crew industry

Looking for a yacht crew work and accommodation in Nice

Are you looking for a job as a yacht crew member on the French Riviera?

You are a waiter, cook, massage therapist, artist, animator, sailor, deckhand, steward ... you like the sea and Would you like to combine work and travel? Working on cruise lines offers you a ton of career opportunities.

The French Riviera is known as the place where the most luxurious mega yachts moor, so it's a good place to start looking for a job opportunity on a yacht.

Here are some tips to help you find a crew job and accommodation on the French Riviera while you search.

Conditions for becoming a member of the yacht crew

First of all, you must be over 21, have a valid passport, speak and write fluently in English and French and not be afraid to work hard, very hard. They often work seven days a week and often at least 70 hours for six months. So if you are thinking of applying for a job of a few weeks to chill on the Caribbean beaches, this is not for you.

How do you apply to be a yacht crew member?

Are you motivated, long working days do not discourage you, you are not afraid of seasickness? Then you are ready to write your CV and cover letter.

First of all, determine exactly the job that attracts you. On your résumé, mark the work experience related to this job, do not forget to indicate the foreign languages ​​you speak and add some references (name and telephone contact).

In order to find a job in the yachting industry it is often necessary to go through the services of a specialized agency. Registration in the databases of these agencies is free. After this registration, an appointment will be suggested. You show your motivations, professional experience, career goals, ...


When and where can you apply to be a yacht crew member?

Recruiting is mostly in the off-season, during the spring and autumn months, but it never really stops, so no matter what time, don't hesitate to submit your application.

Here are some great agencies to help you find yacht crew work on the French Riviera:
General: Jf recruiting
Monaco: Recrutement Yacht, Housekeeping, Morgan & Mallet
Antibes: Bluewater, Crewnetwork, Luxury yachts, Peter Insull, Ypicrew, Yacht Crew Network, Camper & Nicholsons
Nice: Riviera crew, Marinescence, K-yachting, Edminston


Accommodation looking for a job as a yacht crew on the French Riviera?

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Good luck!