Why is SPSS better than Excel

10 reasons to switch from Excel to IBM SPSS Statistics

10 Really Good Reasons to Use IBM SPSS Statistics to Analyze Survey Data Instead of Using a Spreadsheet Program.

Save precious time

Import data with just a few clicks. The database wizard guides you through importing and exporting a wide variety of data sources, such as spreadsheets and databases, without changing or re-entering data.

Use data without restrictions

With conventional spreadsheet programs, you end up with a million lines of data or even far earlier. With IBM SPSS Statistics, millions of rows can be easily managed so that you never have to break up your data and analyze it in fragments.

Prevention of costly sorting errors

Sorting errors are common in worksheets. In IBM SPSS Statistics, on the other hand, records are handled like in databases, where IDs are assigned to them. This avoids duplicate records and sorting errors. To sort, all you have to do is right-click and make your selection.

Formula errors are a thing of the past

Functions in spreadsheet programs depend on the mathematical knowledge of the user. At the same time, it happens very quickly that formulas are copied over required data or that incorrect formulas are created when inserting rows or columns. There is no need to enter formulas in IBM SPSS Statistics. And because IBM SPSS Statistics separates results from data, there is no risk of corrupting results while analyzing data. Errors are automatically recognized and localized in the syntax.

Automation of tasks

Tired of moving and setting up formulas every time the weekly or monthly report is needed? With IBM SPSS Statistics, you can easily automate any report (analysis or chart) and save it in your menu items. The report is updated with a single click of the mouse. You can also automate the export to Microsoft® Excel® Word, Powerpoint or PDF formats for end users who are not using IBM SPSS Statistics

Easily use advanced techniques

It is critical that business decisions are based on reliable insights from data. In IBM SPSS Statistics, levels of importance are assigned that lead to trustworthy, actionable decisions. A wide variety of analytical techniques allow you to evaluate data to reveal subtle relationships that a spreadsheet program could never find. The IBM SPSS Statistics Stats Coach helps you choose the right technique and capture the meaning of the results.

Impressive visualizations, diagrams and graphics

IBM SPSS Statistics makes it easy to visually analyze your data with over 50 built-in chart types. With box plots, Pareto, stem-leaf and many other diagrams, the possibilities go far beyond conventional business diagrams. Create, edit and customize diagrams as you work flow; create tables within seconds: everything with the intuitive user interface of the software with drag & drop.

Familiar terms instead of numeric codes

The IBM SPSS Statistics worksheet-like data editor displays words (labels) instead of numeric values ​​(such as 1 for male, 2 for female, and so on) while the code is used to perform calculations. You no longer have to remember what a variable stands for. This information is displayed directly in understandable terms. Alternatively, you can click the variable for pop-up information.

Real help with the learning curve

Most spreadsheet programs “help” systems only tell you how to perform tasks. IBM SPSS Statistics features a stats coach and case studies with examples from a variety of industries. You will learn when certain analyzes are used and how the results are interpreted.

More power when you need it

The professional version of IBM SPSS Statistics provides the statistical and analytical functions needed to maximize productivity throughout the analysis cycle. Validate the accuracy of your data, quickly identify missing values, and perform powerful data transformations to support your analysis in one application when you need it.

IBM SPSS Statistics software provides comprehensive, consistent, and accurate information that decision makers trust to improve business performance. A comprehensive portfolio of business benefits, advanced analytics, financial benefits, and strategy management and analytics applications gives you instant, clear and actionable insights into current performance and gives you the ability to predict future outcomes.

As part of this portfolio, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Software helps organizations predict future events and act proactively based on these insights to achieve better business results. Customers from the fields of business, public administration and teaching worldwide rely on IBM SPSS technology as a competitive advantage for customer acquisition, retention and increase in customer sales while at the same time reducing fraud and minimizing risk. By integrating IBM SPSS software into their daily processes, organizations become predictive enterprises - they are able to make and automate decisions in order to achieve business goals and gain a measurable competitive advantage.

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