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PENNY opens the first sustainability market with 20 information stations

PENNY is pushing ahead with its sustainability offensive with the opening tomorrow (02.09.) Of the first sustainability adventure market “PENNY Grüner Weg” at Fehrbelliner Strasse 29 in Berlin Spandau. The 800 square meter PENNY, which has 15 employees and two trainees at the beginning of the training year, is a modern neighborhood market. 20 stations make the company's most important sustainability milestones interactively visible and tangible for customers. “PENNY has been dealing with sustainability issues for more than ten years. So it was time to open the first sustainability experience market in the company's history. Here we give a compact overview of the most important successes that we have achieved. We are proud of that, but also show with the topic of "true costs" that we do not see sustainability as a finite mission and continue to work on it. Because I am convinced that our customers have clear expectations in this regard. Organic products, food from the region or the sale of fruit and vegetables with visual flaws are the ongoing trend topics alongside vegetarian and vegan nutrition. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a decisive factor when choosing a shopping location, ”said Stefan Magel, Vice President Retail Germany of the REWE Group and COO PENNY, on the occasion of the opening.

The “real costs” show what selected products really cost, taking certain ecological factors into account. Scientists from the University of Augsburg have included the effects of nitrogen, greenhouse gases and energy in the supply chain in the true sales price.

In the new store, however, questions such as “Which products are still on the shelf if there were no more bees and other pollinating insects?” Or “How do I sort my refrigerator correctly so that food stays fresh longer?” Are answered.

With a periscope, the customer can also dive into a visual underwater world and at the same time learn more about sustainable fishing and product traceability.

But it starts in the freshness department: Somewhat crooked or with quirks, too big or too small - the PENNY Naturgut organic heroes are fruit and vegetable varieties with flaws in their beauty. The advantages of the Naturgut Bio-Heroes, which are added to the common fruit and vegetables: Less sorting effort, ecological cultivation is more profitable for farmers and the season for local products is extended. In addition, they should strengthen the conscious handling of food by customers and promote organic producers. PENNY also creates more transparency about the origin of many fruit and vegetable items by labeling them with the regional window or a QR code.

And PENNY also wants to avoid, reduce or improve packaging waste with its packaging initiative: by 2030, all own-brand items are to be packaged in a more environmentally friendly way. For this purpose, PENNY relies on the use of grass paper, the reduction of the film thickness and the abandonment of packaging. For example, loose fruit and vegetables are often only marked with banderoles or stickers.

On to the Respeggt eggs, where every customer can be sure that no male laying hen chicks have been killed in the entire supply chain. In the same way, PENNY sets an example for better animal husbandry conditions, more animal welfare and better social standards with quality seals such as HERZ BUBE or the organic brand Naturgut. Since 2010, PENNY has been using REWE Group's own PRO PLANET label to mark its own brand products that are produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner or that meet increased animal welfare standards. At the appropriate information station, PENNY provides information about the label, the content and appearance of which has been revised for the tenth anniversary.

In the washing, cleaning and cleaning agent department, it is immediately clear: These bottles are different! As part of the recyclate initiative, PENNY is committed to effective recycling. Since spring 2019, PENNY Ready own-brand water bottles made from 100 percent recycled material have been part of the PENNY range.

The next thing you notice in the refrigerated section are the new labels: On products such as B. cream, yoghurt or quark reminds PENNY that food after the best before date is often too good for the bin. The “Smell. Try. Enjoy ”aims to raise consumer awareness of the topic of food waste.

Finally, at the checkout, the customer has the opportunity to show commitment himself: if he says “That's right” when paying, the remaining cent of the purchase value automatically goes to an organization in the neighborhood that works for disadvantaged children and young people. A projection on the checkout belt shows how much has already come together with the so-called sponsorship penny: since November 2019 that is more than 263,000 euros. A total of almost 1.5 million euros was distributed as part of the PENNY commitment.

And the employees also benefit from PENNY's commitment: PENNY is “Top Employer 2020” and also the first discounter to receive the “berufundfamilie” audit certificate.
This distinguishes the company for its family-friendly and life-phase-oriented personnel policy. This includes flexible working models and support from (expectant) parents.

Step out of the branch and it buzzes and buzzes? This could be due to the fact that there is an insect hotel outside, a pile of dead wood and many green corners that provide shelter and food for small animals and insects. In addition, the store - like more and more PENNY stores - was created according to the green building concept, which combines modern architecture with energy-efficient technologies and the use of renewable energies.

After shopping is before shopping: At the disposal station, customers receive tips on how to properly separate waste in their own household. And PENNY is setting a good example itself: PENNY donates food that can no longer be sold but can still be safely consumed to the more than 940 local food bank initiatives nationwide, which regularly support around 1.6 million people.


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