1500 calories are too low

A simple example of calculating a woman's calorie deficit

Anna knows that she has a total turnover of 2200 kilocalories per day. For fat loss, she has to go into a calorie deficit. That's why she sets her daily calorie intake at 1500 kilocalories per day.

In total, the calculated calorie deficit is 700 kilocalories. Because 2200 minus 1500 is known to be 700.

The question of how quickly Anna will lose weight with this will be looked at in the next paragraph.

You can use the following formula to estimate your total personal turnover:
Body weight in kilograms times 25 to 30 = total turnover per day

Note, however, that this value is only a rough guide. Your actual calorie consumption can therefore also be lower or higher.

Consumption can be lower, especially if you are overweight, since body fat is known to not consume too many calories. The lower value of the range, i.e. 25, should be used here in any case.

Even if, for example, you mainly work while sitting, the lower value of the range should be used.

Various computers from the Internet will unfortunately only provide you with guidelines, but some of them can be more precise.

The best way to find out your total sales is with an accurate fitness bracelet * and counting calories at the same time. This should allow you to precisely determine your consumption down to a few calories.

However, this method requires some effort and is therefore more suitable for people who want to deal intensively with this topic.