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Imagine going into a shop looking for a bikini. The saleswoman comes up to you with a smile and offers you ski pants with the utmost conviction. Chances are you'll leave the store backwards - you were offered the completely wrong product at the wrong time. That sounds so banal and ... read on "Marketing automation: Personalization beyond email" The conversion rate of an online shop is an average of 1.5 percent. This means that only about every one hundredth visitor to a shop actually buys something. With a shopping cart value of an average of 100 euros, the shop operator has to come up with something to cover the operating costs and generate a profit. It is not enough just to ... read on "Conversion rate and performance optimization [updated whitepaper]" About two weeks ago the PPC Masters took place again in Berlin. National and international experts came together in the impressive location on the Spree in Berlin to exchange ideas on the topics of PPC, SEA and AdWords. Online trading is changing its face. Web shops are becoming websites with a buying function. They have to be consumable on the go. However, this does not only mean the duty of responsive design, but also to offer and fulfill the purchase function in messenger, in apps, generally in the streams of the users. The age of instant commerce! Zalando is experimenting with fashion advice ... read on "Conversational Commerce - powerful chatbots and machines" Many products and services can only be translated into the digital world of the Internet to a limited extent. You cannot be touched. They cannot be tried on. Purchasing decisions have to be made with a good helping of gut instinct. Even hyper-realistic, high-resolution product photos are still far from the real haptic experience. So the fear of frustration drives ... read on "The power of virtualization - augmented reality with VR and AR" The spread of digital house assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home in connection with other applications of the Internet of Things, such as smart cars and chatbots, are making the voice the interface of the next generation. Gartner predicts that 30 percent of browser sessions will be screenless by 2020. This opens up completely new dimensions for audio content marketing. The smartphone is shaking the foundations of our digital world, just as the internet did with the analog world twenty years ago. Maybe even stronger! Ten years after the introduction of the iPhone, countless useful apps and innovative technology have turned the smartphone into a personal digital assistant. It is a mirror of the personality of its users and for some ... read more "Digitization 2017 - digital and physical world merge" Digitization in B2B trade is currently a hotly debated topic. In addition to online marketplaces such as Amazon Business or Wucato, there is also a separate online shop for selling products. The building materials retailer BayWa wanted to be prepared for the future and to combine the concept of local, customer-oriented markets with a supraregional B2B online shop. The professional customer can also ... read on "Case Study BayWa AG - The best of both worlds" The digital transformation will not be easier in 2017. Even if you set the course for a sustainable digital strategy in your own company last year, this can quickly turn into disillusionment. And then when you simply don't want to find employees to implement it. An assertive fist needs four fingers and a thumb. With the now published fifth trend book “Handelskraft 2017» Von Menschen und Maschinen «” we complete all the links in our Handelskraft logo and provide an insight into the issues that are important to be powerful and successful in digital business in 2017. The digitization of marketing and ... read more "The new digital business trend book“ Handelskraft 2017 ”is available for download"