What is the best laser pointer for cats

Can laser pointers harm cats?

When playing with the laser pointer, only the cat's sense of sight is required. Unlike most other cat toys, the senses of smell, touch and hearing are not used here. However, addressing these senses is also extremely important, especially since it corresponds to the conditions that the cat experiences in the wild.

In principle, preference should be given to all toys and keeping conditions that best imitate the conditions in the cat's natural living environment. This is the only way for your cat to lead a species-appropriate and therefore happy life.

Because playing with the laser dot does not lead to a sense of achievement or a successful hunt in which the cat can kill its prey at the end of the game, it may experience frustration and may react too quickly as a result. This can be expressed in the fact that the cat cannot switch off after the game and continues to search the floor with nervous excitement for the moving red dot.

Are laser pointers dangerous to cat eyes?

The bundled laser beam is harmful to the eyes. You should therefore never look directly into the light beam and especially not let your cats look into the bundled light, because their eyes are many times more sensitive than those of humans.

The cat's eyes are more sensitive, especially since the cat can see well even at night. You should note that the laser pointer can cause damage to the sensitive eye, especially cats, even on reflective surfaces, including reflective floor coverings such as laminate and the like. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to blindness and high costs for the veterinarian.

Only human housemates of the kitty who are very conscious of the use of the laser pointer should have fun with the cat. Otherwise the danger would be too great that the cat or the person risk irreparable eye damage in the worst case.