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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: All weapon types, locations & tips for fighting

A real Viking is a master of all weapons.

What types of weapons are there in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which is the best and how do I fight most effectively? We answer these questions and more in this guide.

Table of contents for the weapon guide

Every type of weapon in Assassin's Creed Valhalla at a glance

1. Bearded ax

One of the best bearded axes is the huscarl ax. With it, each hit causes more damage.

You can find them in Grantabrycgscir.

Bearded axes could be described as the workhorse of arms. They are average speed, have the best range of the one-handed group, and do good damage.

One-handed: Light and heavy blows are performed in combos of 3, with the last blow causing a lot of tumbling damage. The wide swings often hit several opponents and can be quickly broken off for parries.

With the special attack, you jump slightly forward and hack tirelessly at your opponents until you run out of stamina or you let go of the button.

Double one-handed: All combos get an additional hit. In addition, you strike with the first and last blow with both axes and land two hits.

During the special attack you use both weapons at the same time. The hail of blows will be twice as strong.

2. Hammer

With the blacksmith hammer you throw your opponents to the ground more often, which makes them susceptible to subsequent attacks.

You can find the hammer in Lunden while you are on the way for the assassin's office.

Hammers are very similar to the bearded ax. Their range is a little less, as is their speed. Instead, they do more damage and make enemies stagger more easily.

One-handed: Light and heavy blows can also be chained to form 3 combos. The heavy attack is especially effective when you've brought an opponent to the ground.

With the special attack you try to knock your opponent over and follow up with quick hits on the ground as long as you hold the key or have stamina.

Double one-handed: Here are the 3-way combos. However, in both types of attack, you strike with the last blow with every hammer.

The special attack works exactly like the bearded ax. Double damage thanks to double blows.

3. Flail

Vertebral Death has a chance to detonate explosive charges that set all surrounding enemies on fire.

You can find the flail in the city of Eoforwic in the north.

over Flail not much can be said. They are inferior to axes, hammers and daggers in almost all respects. What speaks for them are the cool animations, but none of them somehow reflect the range of the weapon. At least we always had the feeling that the range was a little too short.

One-handed: Light hits can be chained to form combos of 5. The last three are whirlwinds that you can use to keep opponents at a distance. Heavy blows can contain up to three attacks that use far too much stamina to damage.

With the special attack you whirl the flail over your head, but you are open to attacks from anything that has a greater range. The final attack is a sweeping blow that keeps you in the animation for quite a while.

Double one-handed: The last three hits of the light combo also use the second flail in the off hand, which you can then circle in front of you. The heavy combo even uses the second flail on every hit

The special attack hardly changes. You only get an additional hit on the final hit. Disappointing.

4. Dagger

The Kopis heals you on every critical hit. You get it at the end of the main quest in Sudseaxe.

Daggers are not necessarily the first choice for a Viking. Still, you should try them out. The very high speed more than makes up for the short range and low damage. Especially if you use two of the classic assassin weapons.

One-handed: Light attacks are chained up to a combo of 8, in which you inflict quick stabs on the opponent. Heavy attacks, on the other hand, can only be carried out two pieces in a row. However, these cause a surprising amount of damage, but also leave you open to conceding.

With the special attack, you dash forward with one wide blow and stab continuously. Let go of the button, then your character will snap back and get to safety.

Double one-handed: The light combo completely changes its appearance. Constantly stabbing her with both daggers, opponents hardly have a chance to react. The heavy attack is also carried out twice on both blows.

The special attack, however, remains almost unchanged. Eivor only uses both blades on the final blow.

5. Danish ax

You can easily set your opponents on fire with the grave ax.

You can find them in a, surprise, grave during the main quest in Legracaesterscir.

The heavy ones Two-handed axes of the Northmen with their surprisingly quick blows leave paths of annihilation between the British. Whether against one or several opponents. And if that's not enough, thanks to skill, take a second ax and double the destructive power

Two-handed: Light hits can achieve 4, heavy 3-way combos. The last hits are far horizontal and catch several opponents. All of them are vertical and are better suited to individual enemies.

With the special attack button you whirl the Danish ax in a wide circular motion and rage like an iron tornado through the enemy hordes.

Ambidextrous Heavy: Similar to the one-handed beard ax, both axes are used on the first and last strike of the light combo. The heavy attacks change to a brutal double vertical blow, followed by two wide foot-sweep attacks.

The special attack now also uses the second ax. Here again the principle applies: double weapons, double damage.

6. Greatsword

The use of the double hand is particularly worthwhile against larger opponents. You can simply buy the weapon from the dealer.

If you want to fight several opponents above all, or if you prefer a little more range, then are Greatswords your best choice. But be careful if you fight civilians in confined spaces. The long blows have already given us several game overs because a monk accidentally ran into us during an attack.

Two-handed: No matter if easy or difficult. All attacks have 3 combos. Fast, long range and good damage.

With the special attack you run off, knock over the next enemy and ram the sword forward. Very useful when you have to cover short distances on the battlefield.

Ambidextrous Heavy: All combos without exception become double strikes.

The special attack does not change. Eivor still only strikes with a blade.

7. Spear

The Fyrd Spear makes you faster every time you dodge. So you can use even heavy attacks at lightning speed.

You can find him at this position in Legracaesterscir.

If you want to finish the game without any problems, then you should go to the spear to grab. The range is very high and every blow pierces the respective opponent, so that you also meet other attackers behind it. The special attack is insanely powerful and completely replaces one of Eivor's abilities. And if that's still not enough, grab a second spear.

Two-handed: By default, you perform a quick series of three attacks followed by one long blow. No opponent has anything to oppose the range and speed. The heavy 3 combo is a little slow. But it also causes massive damage and breaks most shields instantly.

The special attack is insane. It largely replaces your hooked spear. You push forward and impale an enemy. Hold down the button and move the left stick in any direction. With it you hurl your victim into the same, where it slams against walls or other opponents and takes additional damage.

Ambidextrous Heavy: All attacks now use both spears and come close to daggers in speed, but keep the long range. A full combo of heavy attacks can even knock down standard-bearers without them once being used.

The special attack does not change. But he doesn't have to either. It's good enough already.

8. Shields

With its healing properties, the Briton Shield is a great choice for a defensive style of play.

The shield is hiding in Lunden.

Valhalla actually distinguishes between light and heavy Shields. Their main difference is their block. While you can still move around with light shields while holding down block, you are stationary with the hard version. But you will catch damage for far less stamina.

If you want to take out several opponents with a single parry, you should use the sarcophagus shield.

Don't miss it when visiting Scrobbescir.

If you put shields in your main hand, you can also attack with them. Like all other weapons, you even get your own fighting style if you use two light and heavy shields. But that would not be very recommendable. Not because of the damage, but because of the bonuses you find on shields. Everyone revolves around blocking, which unfortunately completely negates the bonus of the main hand shield.

Therefore, we would rather advise against using shields as weapons. Still, give it a try for fun when you're not tackling a tough boss.

9. Predator Arch

With one shot, the needle head puts entire groups of opponents to sleep. You can easily buy it in the store.

If you like to hide on roofs and want to wipe out entire bandit camps from afar, then you are Predatory bows the best choice. Fantastic range, zoom, and automatic cocking all speak for this bow. In addition, a head hit is fatal for almost any opponent, even for elite opponents. In addition, they have many interesting effects if you kill enemies without being detected.

Unfortunately, these sniper bows are almost useless for close combat.

10. Slight bow

With every shot, the snake bow increases your critical hit chance. You can get this mighty bow for a few hundred silver in the shop.

If you're looking for the equivalent of a machine gun in medieval England, this is where you'll find it. You can arc cock in quick succession and let a thunderstorm of arrows fall on your enemies. Skills even increase the effect and increase the damage with each successive hit. This makes them perfect for close combat.

The range of the light bows, however, is more than modest, and the arrows are individually so weak that they cannot kill a target with one shot. Therefore, they are unsuitable for sneaking.

11. Hunting bows

At the end of the quest line in Lincolnnescir you will receive the excellent Elan Bow. Every hit increases the damage done by your adrenaline abilities.

You get the best of both worlds with the Hunting bows. You have to cock them yourself, but they kill standard enemies with one shot, have a considerable range, and can still be used for close combat. With a few skills you can also cock it faster or insert two arrows at once.

There is really no disadvantage, unless you have an aversion to manual bow tensioning. Then you are better off with the other two variants.

The best weapon in AC Valhalla is not a weapon

At the highest level you can socket a new type of rune.

In case you're wondering what the best weapons in the game are, you might already be holding them in your hand. Because the weapons themselves only become the best when you use runes.

Weapon upgrades thanks to blacksmith: The forge system gives you the opportunity to improve weapons to the maximum in the last third of the adventure. Then you will receive a square slot in addition to the two round rune slots. There you use runes that offer effects that you normally only get as a fixed bonus on other weapons.

An example: Let's take the grave ax, a Danish ax that you get very early in the game. It ignites on critical hits. Together with a rune that increases your critical strike value with every hit, you get a first-class weapon that is almost 100% on fire. So grab your favorite weapon and give it a good rune stone.

Legendary weapons in AC Valhalla

Otherwise you can also discover several legendary weaponsthat would be in the hand of even a god. But for that you should have completed the game first. Here are the locations of two powerful weapons:

All armor, skills and abilities in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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General tips on fighting & arms

In theory, you can combine all weapons and shields with one another.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla lets you choose how you want to combine your weapons with each other.

Do you like to fight defensively? Then grab a shield in your off-hand and let the opponents despair of your bulwark while you deal them with fast, one-handed punches and counterattacks.

Are you more of a friend of the offensive? Then take any combination of one-handed weapons or a thick Danish ax at hand.

You deal light and heavy blows with your main hand weapon, while you carry out special attacks with your off-hand. In the case of shields, this would be a block; in the case of weapons, regardless of whether one-handed or two-handed, an attack. If you tap the special attack button briefly, you can parry melee attacks as long as they are not red runic attacks. This also works completely without a shield.

In theory, there are dozens of interesting combinations. So you can attack your opponents with an ax in your right hand and, thanks to the special attack, nail larger enemies to the ground with the hammer in your left hand. In practice, however, it looks a little different.

The benefits of two-handed fighting

Double spears kill even bosses in seconds.

If you have the same type of weapon in both hands, your attacks will be much more effective. Light and heavy blows then strike with both weapons instead of just using the main hand. The same goes for the special attack. The endurance costs of all attacks remain the same!

It even works with the talentHeavy with both hands and leads to almost excessive attacks. Two spears dismantle even thick chunks such as legendary animals, heretics and end bosses in seconds.

So if you've found a weapon that suits you, then you should definitely combine it with a weapon of the same type in order to develop its full potential. And yes, that goes for two shields too!

Bows are better than melee weapons

Just like in the previous two Assassin's Creed parts, there are three types of bow:

  • Predator arches
  • Hunting bows
  • slight arcs

However, they all have one thing in common: they kill faster than any melee weapon! We were able to defeat many bosses in the game completely with arrows, without ever having to strike.

Especially the skills upgrade the ranged weapons very much. Regardless of whether it is guided missiles, double arrows or increasing damage from subsequent hits. Bows proved to be the most valuable tool in our arsenal when played through.

Selling weapons in Assassin's Creed Valhalla possible?

NoSince every weapon in the game is unique, you cannot sell or dismantle it. You keep them permanently in your inventory.

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