Is a type of INFP that is compatible with ISTJ

The 16 types of GPOP

16 types x 2

The GPOP (Golden Profiler of Personality) is a commercial personality test that, like the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), is based on the 100-year-old C.G. Guys based. Since it uses the same principles as the MBTI and interprets them in exactly the same way (it is almost a 1: 1 copy), the 16 types of the MBTI are almost identical to the 16 types of the GPOP.

The GPOP test also measures the degree of stress, which ultimately corresponds to the Big Five property of neuroticism / sensitivity. However, this stress level is only part of the test itself and is explained in an additional detailed evaluation, but it does not play a role in the definition of the 16 types. So there are no 32 types highlighted - which would be easily possible with the additional scale - but only given a stress scale to each of the 16 types. The 16 type descriptions of GPOP and MBTI therefore also apply to the other model and are fully compatible. The English or international type abbreviations, e.g. INFPFor I.ntroverted - iNtuitive - F.eeling - Perceiving, are exactly the same for both models.

Here is an overview of the 16 type descriptions from the GPOP:

ISTJ - Inspector
ISFJ - Caregiver
INFP- dreamer
INFJ - psychologist
INTP - thinker
INTJ - scientist
ISTP- Craftsman
ISFP - connoisseur

ENFP- comedian
ENFJ - Teacher
ENTP- inventor
ENTJ- Commander
- director
ESFJ - host
ESTP - doer
ESFP - entertainers

Note: These 16 types and their descriptions - just like the personality models of GPOP and MBTI themselves - have long ceased to correspond to the current findings of personality research and should therefore not be taken seriously. This applies to the type profiles linked above as well as to any other type profiles based on GPOP or MBTI. It has long been known that most of its content is dubious, inaccurate, incomplete, or simply wrong. More on this in the review of the GPOP.

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