Was Donald Trump bugged

USA: Donald Trump's administration has apparently monitored the phones of journalists

Were US journalists spied on by ex-President Trump? According to a media report, his government is said to have checked personal and professional phone data. Criticism is getting loud.

The administration of ex-US President Donald Trump secretly monitored journalists' phones four years ago, according to the Washington Post. As the newspaper reported on Friday, the two reporters Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller as well as their former colleague Adam Entous were informed that the US Department of Justice had personal and professional telephone and cellular data from April to July 2017.

"We are deeply concerned about this use of governance to gain access to journalists' communications," said Senior Editor Cameron Barr. The US Department of Justice must immediately give the reasons for "this intrusion" into the work of journalists. This is under the protection of the first amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press.

"Endangers the freedom of the press"

The civil rights organization ACLU accused the ministry of "spying on" the reporters. "That should never have happened," wrote ACLU in the online service Twitter. "When a government spies on journalists and their sources, it is jeopardizing the freedom of the press." The Justice Department letters did not inform reporters why their phones were tapped.

During the period from which the recordings originate, the three reporters wrote an article about a meeting of Trump advisor and later US Attorney General Jeff Sessions with the Russian ambassador before the 2016 presidential election. They also reported on attempts by then-President Barack Obama's administration to stop Russian campaign interference.

According to estimates by the US secret services, Russia interfered heavily in the presidential election campaign in the US in 2016 - above all through hacker attacks and the dissemination of manipulative messages in online networks. The Russian interventions were directed against Trump's rival Hillary Clinton in particular.