How can I fly cheaply at Christmas?

The 8 most common mistakes when booking a flight and how to avoid them: Tips for booking a flight

In the last few years it is It has become much easier to book flights online. But if you really do that cheapest flight find, is usually not due to the services on the web, but to the Little things that you should consider when planning your trip. If you avoid the following mistakes in your travel planning, you can save a lot of money without much effort!

Tip:This is the best time to book flights

The 8 most common mistakes when booking a flight

1. Flight booking tip: Be flexible

But right now flexibilitypaying off and it pays off enormously. It is enough if you trust your logic, there is no secret tricks. Flights on Friday evening or Sunday evening are the most expensive, everyone wants to go home or away on the weekend. The same applies to flights on Monday morning and Friday evening, when many business travelers also travel.

The best days of the week with the cheapest prices for flexible travelers Tuesday, Wednesday and also Thursday and Saturday. In addition, avoid flights in the morning until 9 a.m. and in the evening after 6 p.m. - business travelers are also traveling there and the capacities of the airlines are tighter.


2. You are flying away from small airports

For example, if you are from Graz or Klagenfurt to new York want to fly, you usually pay very high prices. In this case, a car trip to Vienna or even better Munichpay off enormously.

Bigger airports are like big grocery chains. They have a higher frequency, airlines a higher occupancy rate, the fees are lower and since several airlines fly the same routes in competition with each other. Accordingly, the flights are cheaper.

Tip:The top airports for city trips

Munich is one of the in our room largest international airports with great offerssome of which are even cheaper than flights from Berlin or Frankfurt. On a flight from Munich to New York save you on average around € 100 compared to a flight from Vienna.


3. You only book direct flights

It pays to change absolutely out. This also includes routes you have combined yourself. For example, in some cases it can be cheaper to fly from Klagenfurt with Ryanair to London and from there to fly to South Africa with another airline. But this is only recommended for travelers who have a lot of time or are well versed in booking flights. In this case, you definitely have to go to the Baggage limits and the Flight times Pay attention and be aware that you may be one Hotel in London take or one Spend night at the airport have to. These inconveniences, risks and easy to overlook costs you should include in your calculation.


4. You always fly with the same airline

There is no such thing as “the” one cheapest airline. Every airline has its routes, its priorities, its market. It is quite possible that an airline on the London - Hong Kong route is unbeaten in price, but offers incredibly expensive flights from London to New York. That is why it pays off before every flight booking, Airline offers to compare - that's exactly what checkfelix does.

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5. You book one-way flights

One-way flights with conventional airlines (AUA, Lufthansa, British Airways, etc.) are expensive. They don't cost half, as one might assume, but mostly as much as one Return Flight. Only with low-cost airlines (Rynanair, AirBerlin, Flyniki, etc.) do you really only pay per flight segment. So only pay with Low cost airline one-way flight combinations (e.g. Frankfurt - London - Dublin - Frankfurt).


6. You take your house and yard with you when you travel


Luggage means weight and the heavier an airplane is, the more fuel is required for transport. In addition, this is labor-intensive. For low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, this is another point where savings are made. Ryanair wants to be abandoned in the long run Abolish luggage completely. You are already paying a lot more than just Ryanair if you want to take more than one piece of luggage with you. Therefore, inform you about the Baggage limits and try to pack only the bare essentials. This not only saves you money but also the "hauling".

Tip:The 1 × 1 for traveling with hand luggage only


7. You do not find out about flight offers and bargains

You're missing out on something. Because airlines often want to promote certain routes and reduce their prices for a short time radical on these routes. Search for exceptional offers that have nothing to do with regular prices or price calculations, but give the real checker a real bargain.

These bargains are mostly very short-term, often only available for a few hours, at best for a few days. I.e. you have to spontaneous and flexible be and book now. Not recommended when traveling for more than 2 people.

8. You book flights spontaneously and on the spur of the moment

Tomorrow to Barcelona? Or spontaneously to Bangkok in two weeks? That could be expensive. Basically you can say ever earlier you bookthe sooner you become one cheaper flight Find. 2-3 months in advance is a good time. For Travel to special events such as New Year's Eve, Christmas, Easter or the summer season and school holidays are also allowed 4-5 months in advance be.

Tip:This is the best time to book flights



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