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Myanmar: 7 places & attractions you should visit

Mingalaba - Hello in the land of countless pagodas, stupas, mysticism and tradition-conscious people. Myanmar is a historical treasure, authentic and, to our surprise, already relatively well designed for tourists.

7 interesting places that make Myanmar worth seeing - including important must-sees

Old Burma has not long opened its borders to foreign visitors. That's why we set out to discover Myanmar. We have them for you 7 best sights of the country that you definitely shouldn't miss and summarized them for you in this post.

Arrival to Myanmar

Unfortunately, there are currently no direct flights from Germany or Europe to Myanmar, so you have to accept a stopover, e.g. in Bangkok. Nevertheless, the plane is generally the fastest way to get to Myanmar. There are three international airports in the country: Mandalay, Yangon and Naypyidaw. The best way to find an overview of flights, prices and tickets is on Skyscanner or Momondo.

Note: You need a visa for Myanmar. The easiest way to apply for the e-Visa is around € 50, but note that you must also note your place of entry there and cannot change it.

Another way of getting here would be, for example, a transfer by bus or minivan from Thailand. There are some border crossings here, such as the Mae Sot - Myawaddy or the Mae Sai - Tachileik border in the north. The Ranong - Kawthaung border in the south of Thailand is also a possibility of entry. Further information on tickets and departure times to these locations can be found at 12go.asia.

1. Yangon - the golden city

General information about Yangon

The former Yangon is the largest and most modern metropolis in Myanmar with over 5 million inhabitants. In 2005, Yangon was stripped of its capital city status by the Burmese. The reason is curious, like so much in Myanmar: A fortune teller told a general about an imminent bombing of the USA. The American attack was to hit the capital.

In order not to endanger too many people, the small provincial town became Naypyidaw declared the capital. Yangon is the home base of many tourists visiting Myanmar. If you visit the city yourself, count the number of mopeds that are so typical of Asia's road traffic.

In Yangon, you must be lucky enough to see a moped because only the police are allowed to drive mopeds. The reason for this is another curiosity: a general was predicted that he would be the victim of an attack by a passing moped driver. Without further ado he banned all civilian mopeds and motorcycles from the city overnight.

Sights of Yangon

The Shwedagon Pagoda

Yangon is nicknamed: The Golden City. If you're wondering why, you should Landmark the city - the Shwedagon Pagoda. The pagoda embodies one of the most sacred places in Buddhism, as it is said to contain eight golden hairs of the Buddha. For some pilgrims, the visit is even a lifelong dream.

The Maha Wizaya Zedi

Directly opposite the Shwedagon Pagoda, the detour to the Maha Wizaya Zedi Pagoda is worthwhile. The interior of the zedi was designed like a jungle and images of animals adorn the dome.

The Sule Pagoda

Another reason for Yangon's nickname, the golden city, is the Sule Pagoda. Your golden zedi can be seen from afar. The Sule Pagoda is that oldest pagoda of Yangon and is right in the heart of downtown. A large reclining Buddha and a small park invite you to linger.

More attractions in Yangon

Yangon has many more attractions to offer. If you have enough time, you should get the Mahabandoola Garden and the People’s Park look at.

In the Mahabandoola Garden you have a good look at that Independence Monumentwho have favourited Sule Pagoda, the City Hall and the Immanuel Baptist Church. At the southeast end of the park there is delicious street food at reasonable prices for you to try.

People’s Park offers a beautiful view of the Shwedagon Pagoda, especially in the evening, and is home to an amusement park with roller coasters, bumper cars, food courts and other attractions.

tip: The best place to experience a romantic sunset is at the harbor. Just find a pier and enjoy the beautiful view of the setting sun. In Yangon, the sun is said to set at exactly 5:59 p.m. in every season. Just give it a try - it was right for us!

You can find more information and more pictures in our travel report on Yangon.

Our hotel tip for Yangon: Rose Garden Hotel Yangon

2. Day trip to Golden Rock

The Golden Rock on the Mount Kyaiktiyo is a rock that seems to defy gravity. According to legend, the rock should only be held by a hair of the Buddha. Therefore, many locals pilgrimage to this rock to pray. For this reason, you should not plan a visit on public holidays or the weekend.

While the men attach gold leaf to the rock and can make a wish, women have to admire the rock from a few meters away. They are denied access to the rock. We were really fascinated by the sight, as the rock seems to slide off at any moment. You can find more information in our article on the Golden Rock.

How to get to the Golden Rock of Yangon

You can visit the Golden Rock as part of a day trip or with an overnight stay. However, this requires you to get up very early. The first bus in the direction of the magic rock leaves the bus station at 5:30 in the morning Aung Mingala from. Please make sure that the bus is in Kinpun holds.

From here, trucks drive towards the summit for the equivalent of 1.50 euros - including a rollercoaster ride. The roughly 20-minute ride in the truck is definitely an adventure that will shake you up. But it saves you the 4-hour hike to the summit.

You don't need more than two hours to visit the Golden Rock complex. We also recommend that you buy the return ticket shortly after arriving in Kinpun. Better take a later bus. If you are back early, you can also take an earlier bus - as long as there are still seats available.

Our hotel tip for the Golden Rock: Eternity Resort

3. Mandalay

General information about Mandalay and the surrounding area

Mandalay - the name is widely known. Few people know that it is a city in Myanmar. In addition to a few nice temples, the city itself can score less as a sight, but the area around Mandalay is very beautiful. The day tour offered everywhere in Mandalay with a visit to the former royal cities Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing is strongly recommended.

You can hire a taxi driver for a full day (35,000 Kyatt) for the tour. Just ask for an English-speaking taxi driver at your hotel, you may even be able to share a taxi with other guests. Collective tours with buses are not offered.

Sights around Mandalay


The most famous attractions in Amarapura are the Pahtodawgyi Pagoda, the Mahagandaryon monastery and the U-Bein bridge. In the Mahagandaryon Monastery you can take part in the monks' feeding from 10.15 a.m. Monks only eat food once a day and that before 11 a.m. The U-Bein Bridge is a must for you at sunset, when the orange sun sets behind the bridge and everything bathes in a mystical golden-red shimmer.


The royal city of Sagaing is the city of a thousand pagodas. At least that's what it felt like when we saw all the pagodas on the Sagaing Hill saw. Several lookout points offer spectacular views of Sagaing Hill. The most famous pagoda on Sagaing Hill is the U Min Thonze Pagoda. At the foot of the mountain is the International Buddhist Academythat looks like a gold-plated hemisphere and can be viewed by you.


For the equivalent of around 8 euros, you can get a 2-hour carriage ride through the old royal city of Inwa. Passing temples, pagodas, monasteries and small villages you will get great insights into life in Myanmar. The old royal city has lost its luster, but Burma is still real and authentic here. No cars, just horse-drawn carriages or ox-carts that carry fruit, hay and tourists.

Our hotel tip for Mandalay: Hotel Capital

4. Bagan

The Main attraction in the country are the temples of Bagan. We got one of the most spectacular views here at sunrise. The picture with the hot air balloons and the temples in front of the rising sun is well known. To see this spectacle with your own eyes is something very special!

Between the 11th and 13th centuries, around 2,000 temples, stupas and monasteries were built in Bagan on an area of ​​around 40 km². Many of them are already quite dilapidated, but they exude a certain charm and a mystical atmosphere. The best way to explore Bagan is by bike. Two days are enough for your exploration tour.

Don't want to miss out on the best temples? We have put together a two-day bike tour with a Google Maps map for you in our post about Bagan.

Our hotel tip for Bagan: Bagan Billiken Hotel

5. Inle Lake

General information about Inle Lake

In the middle of a green valley, surrounded by pagodas and mountains, lies a picture-perfect lake - Inle Lake. Houses on stilts, fields, meadows, hardworking farmers, laughing children and a spiritual calm. Inle Lake is a special place and offers unforgettable moments for you. It is best to first explore the area around Inle Lake with the bicycle, then on the second day with a booked day tour on a canoe to plunge into the hustle and bustle of Inle Lake.

Canoe tour on Inle Lake

At the beginning of the tour, “fake one-leg fishermen” waiting for tourists pose for one of the most famous photo opportunities in Myanmar. But they really still exist, the real one-legged fishermen. If you are lucky and have a good eye, you will be able to see them in the evenings.

The tour gives you a picture of life on the lake with its vastness, floating gardens and unique transport routes on the water. The peaceful tranquility of the lake and the friendly inhabitants give this place a special, magical atmosphere that you should feel for yourself and will never forget.

Our hotel tip for Inle Lake: Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min

6. Mrauk U

Mrauk U is the one second most important temple complex in Myanmar and lies on the border with Bangladesh. Less touristy than Bagan, the temple complexes of Mrauk U are something very special. The design of the temples in Mrauk U is not comparable to that in Bagan. At dusk, fog pervades this small village, which guarantees a mystical view of the seemingly ancient temples.

The village is still not very touristically developed, which means here you can get to know the authentic life of the Burmese and their culture. The journey to the west of Myanmar is difficult, but in retrospect, the many hours in the bus were worth it.

Our hotel tip for Mrauk U: Golden Mrauk U Guest House

7. Ngapali Beach

Lonely white sandy beaches, blue, clean water, palm trees and hardly any tourists. That sounds like a dream beach! The beaches in Myanmar do not need to fear the comparison to Thailand's dream beaches. That probably most beautiful beach in myanmar is the Ngapali Beach. It is perfect for your relaxation from all the travel stress.

Here you will find the peace and the time to let the impressions gained from your trip in Myanmar work on you. The journey to the west of Myanmar is arduous, but still worth it, because you have the beaches almost to yourself.

Our hotel tip for Ngapali Beach: Thande Beach Hotel

What else you should know about Myanmar

  • A Visa for Myanmar you can apply online, print it out and show it at the border.
  • Myanmar is a very safe travel destination, also for women. The Burmese are that for us kindest peoplethat we got to know so far on our trip.
  • The tourist transport network is now quite well developed. You can reach the tourist destinations in comfortable night buses. The west of Myanmar (Ngapali Beach and Mrauk U) is now also connected by a night bus from Yangon. The travel times are very long, however, as the buses usually only cover 50 km in an hour.
  • Overnight stays are very expensive in Myanmar and especially in Yangon by Asian standards. You can hardly get a hostel bed in a dorm in Yangon for less than 15 USD. Prices are a bit lower in the rest of the country, so you can expect a nice twin room for $ 20.
  • Not all parts of Myanmar are allowed to be visited by tourists, as conflicts with armed force are still being fought in some regions of the country. Please check the website of the Federal Foreign Office to find out about the current situation.

Myanmar will not be able to escape the modernization that has already started either. In order to still be able to experience the mystical land authentically, you should visit it as soon as possible.

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