Am I happy or sad

12 clear signs that you are unhappy in life

Are you unhappy in life These 12 signs tell you what your happiness or unhappiness is like.

Actually, you should think that everyone can judge for themselves whether they are unhappy or not. In the end feels you do it somehow, right?

However, this does not have to be the case. If, for example, you never take your time listen to yourself or symptoms and Notes simply ignored, it may be that you don't even notice how bad you are in reality.

Unhappy in life? The signs

Therefore, I have compiled 12 unmistakable signs that you are unhappy in life.

1. You don't have the energy to learn or try something new

When nothing matters to you and you just want to hide away and be left alone by everyone, then it is really time to worry.

Not in vain is Listlessness one of the main characteristics of depression. Curiosity and the urge to explore are something we humans were born with. As children we still have this natural, innate drive to discover. We want to explore everything around us and experience the world.

Happy people can maintain this innate interest. They want to learn and grow, gain experience, learn from mistakes and break new ground. There are no limits, no obstacles. Just endless possibilities and the desire to experience everything once.

2. You are constantly whining and complaining

Do you find yourself complaining about God and the world a lot? Do you think life is unjust, the world is unfair and there are more bad people than good people? Have other people pointed out to you that you are constantly messing around with negative things, or are your friends and colleagues already withdrawing from you?

It is not normal to just whine and complain all the time. When there is so much going on in your life that is deplorable, then it is high time you changed something. And if things are not going that badly and you complain for no reason, then even more.

Happy people don't whine. If something goes against their grain, they do everything in their power to change the situation. And if that doesn't work, then make your peace with it. In any case, do not waste valuable life energy complaining and thus keep yourself caught in a constant spiral of disappointment, anger and frustration.

3. You don't even notice the many beautiful things in life

The chirping of birds in spring, the warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the scent of freshly washed laundry, the favorite song that plays on the radio, the bus driver who is waiting for you or the gentle melting of chocolate in your mouth ...

If you don't notice any of these beautiful moments in everyday life, you will most likely run into it Autopilot through life. And unfortunately that is an attitude that nips all happiness in the bud.

4. You are constantly sick

If you catch a cold every six weeks or constantly struggle with stomach pains or headaches, then it's worth taking a closer look at your life. When we are unhappy, sad or permanently stressed, it has a direct effect on our body. This is called psychosomatics and describes a completely normal process: our soul ("psyche") influences our body ("soma").

So if you never feel really fit and healthy or are constantly confined to bed, then your body wants to tell you something. He says: "Stop. ”“ Stop. ”“ Don't go on like this. ”“ We're not doing well.“

Do yourself a favor and listen to your bodyif you haven't listened to your psyche. And before it is too late and your harmless infections have spread into a solid stomach ulcer, burnout or depression.

5. You have no more goals in your life

If after hours on New Year's Eve you still don't know what to put on your list of resolutions for the next year, then this should give you pause. Happy people are full of plans and goals. For them, the world overflows with so many opportunities and challenges that they want to tackle.

On the other hand, those who no longer have goals may have already given up.

6. You count the hours until the end of the day and the days until the weekend

The classic. And an absolutely irrevocable sign that you have the wrong job or at least something is really going wrong in your job (terrible boss, uncomfortable working atmosphere, etc.). The bad thing about this situation is not only that you don't enjoy everyday life and that you force yourself to go to work every day. The bad thing is that you are this way wasting your life while you wait for the final final point, your death.

Because every end of work is followed by the next working day and every weekend the next Monday. Even every vacation is followed by the first day of work and every sick leave is followed by the return to work.

You will be in this loop stay trappeduntil you die or at least get a pension. But do you actually know how many more hours you have to do before you have survived 30 years of work? 56,400 working hours. Quite a long time to sit and feel bad. Not to mention, when you’re 67 years old when you’re finally over and done with, a large part of your life is irrevocably lost.

Work is one of the most important aspects of our life. If only because we spend most of the time with it. Hating your job is the direct route to hating your life.

Don't do this to yourself.

7. You don't feel any joy in everyday life

Another unmistakable sign that you are currently unhappy in life: You feel little joy. How many times have you been in the past week laughed? How often do you feel about a friendly gesture or a nice word pleased? Got your job Fun or at least family dinner?

Or maybe you couldn't even lose your gloomy mood at your girlfriend's birthday party? If you no longer enjoy watching the funny film that you used to enjoy so much, then the situation is serious (in the truest sense of the word).

Happy people feel joy in everyday life. Not all the time, of course, and there can be dry spells, but all in all, they enjoy their life.

8. You only see the negative

Of course the boss did again to you the presentation pushed on. Great. You think of even more work when you notice that your colleagues are already secretly meeting again without letting you know. Let them blaspheme ... you hate them anyway.

Or maybe the boss only has the presentation for you pressed onbecause he thinks you do best? And maybe the colleagues you have always wanted to swear off are planning your birthday present?

Anyone who only suspects the bad in everything, basically starts from the negative and only throws black around him, he's not happy. Yeah, he's not even a realist anymore. He is subject to you distorted thinkingthat makes him prone to depression.

9. You are convinced that life is hard

You never get tired of saying that life is not a pony farm and that most people are selfish and unjust? Every obstacle is another testimony to how unjust and cruel this world you were born into is? Every mishap and every bus that drove under the nose is more proof that that Life is a single struggle?

Yes, there is war and murder and hunger and corruption and many more bad things in this world. No question. But, as it were, there is much that is beautiful and overwhelmingly positive. Those who are unhappy just cannot see these things. They don't fit into the worldview, so one ignores the man who helps the old lady across the street, the little girl who gives the homeless person a biscuit, or the many people who volunteer all over the world.

The fact is, life is tough and beautiful. The world is cruel and adorable at the same time. Unhappy people only focus on the bad, while happy people keep their hearts open to all that is good too.

10. You can't stand spending time with yourself

Some people don't realize for a long time that they are unhappy because they are constantly and always doing something. You can't be alone and do nothing. Why? Because then unpleasant thoughts could arise, such as the question of whether you are happy.

That's why many try to avoid such moments in the first place. Every minute of the day is then scheduled. The weekend is suffocated by appointments and appointments. And if you are at home alone, the television is quickly switched on. All just so as not to even come to rest; So that you don't have to think about it or deal with yourself.

Only happy people can endure their own presence. They even enjoy them and regularly make time for them. Because they are at peace with themselves and their life and because they know how important it is to listen to the inner voice.

11. You believe that the best is behind you

Those who are unhappy in life often believe that the best is behind them. Do you feel the same? Can't you, too, particularly like your present and see little hope for your future? But why so negative? For happy people, life is full of possibilities.

Happiness is not tied to an age or a specific phase in life. It's never too late to make your dreams come true and happy people do that every day.

Whoever thinks that the best is behind them has given up on himself. It shows that your life is either not worth enough to you to change it for the better or that you lack the drive to do so and you feel helplessly at the mercy of life.

12. You mean that life doesn't make sense and you can only shrug your shoulders or get sarcastic when asked about it

Of course, the question of meaning is not easy to answer and everyone may have a different approach. Only that much: happy people see meaning. They feel that their life has a meaning, if only to be lived, with all the ups and downs that go with it.

If I wasn't feeling well, I didn't have an answer to that question either. Coincidence? Rationally justified, scientific deducibility? A cruel joke of nature? Entertainment for the gods?

Now I see the meaning of life in living in it. To be happy. To learn and grow and enjoy life with all your senses. And I am infinitely grateful for this wonderful gift.

Unhappy in life? The quick check

How many of these points did you find yourself in? A two? More than half or all of them?

When I was still feeling bad, 9 points applied to me. Today I am really happy and relieved to be able to say that I can no longer find myself in any of them.

My YouTube episode on the topic: Unhappy in Life - 12 Signs

12 clear signs that you are unhappy

I hope I have been able to give you food for thought with this list. Of course, you don't have to overturn your life from one day to the next because of this. But it's a very good starting point to start thinking about whether your life still on track is or whether you may have got lost somewhere.

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