What are some ideas for Christmas decorations

9 ideas for a different kind of Christmas decoration

Are you organizing a Christmas party, but are you still looking for creative ideas for decoration? Or are you looking for ideas on how to make your office or house festive for the Christmas season? Then you will find it here! For many people, the Christmas season is not only associated with contemplation, but also with stress. Many companies, associations and work groups organize a Christmas party to thank their employees and participants for the good work. With the slightly different Christmas decoration, your celebration will stand out from others - and give everyone involved a very special atmosphere.


Origami stars and other paper artworks

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. With the right instructions, you can conjure up all kinds of figures from square pieces of paper in no time at all. Many folds are easy to learn and only require a few repetitions to internalize. You can find beautiful instructions for origami animals and other figures on the Internet.

The folding instructions are often accompanied by a diagram with which you can easily understand the sequence of the individual steps. There are also many suggestions to discover on YouTube and comparable platforms.

You can prepare the paper decoration in small groups - or make it an action during the Christmas party, in which the guests take part. At a Christmas party for a company, an association or a project group, it may be possible to integrate a collective handicraft activity into everyday work. You can also do handicrafts with your family or friends at home. The first time in Advent is an ideal time for this.

Origami ideas for Christmas include a paper Christmas tree and all kinds of stars. Different variants are also possible for the material:

  • special origami paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Copy paper (white / red / green or white / blue)
  • glittering craft paper

Upcycling: a different kind of Christmas tree

Upcycling is the recycling of used materials that are no longer needed for their original purpose. The term is based on recycling. Unlike recycling, however, upcycling is about upgrading a material through its creative use.

An upcycling idea that has been circulating on the Internet for several years consists of an artificial and artistic Christmas tree made of used materials such as empty bottles or tins that are stacked and fastened on top of one another. This fancy Christmas tree is an eye-catcher and is particularly suitable for an exuberant or not quite classic Christmas party.

Not only the Christmas tree offers a starting point for upcycling projects. You can also use the empty aluminum tealight holders to make stars. To do this, press the edges of the aluminum sleeves together towards the middle, flatten the whole thing and glue the leaf-shaped plates offset on top of each other. For a star you need two to three burned out tea lights.

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Candles, fairy lights & Co: Classic Christmas decorations with a twist

What would Christmas be without fairy lights and candles? Sometimes a few small changes are enough to turn a traditional Christmas decoration into something very special. In shops that sell decoration, you will find some very funny fairy lights with special motifs. Serious and beautiful fairy lights are also included, for example in the form of icicles or a ribbon of colorful stars.

Candlesticks and lanterns do not always have to correspond to the classic Christmas decorations. If you use candles or LED candles to decorate, you can set up a few candles with a motif in addition to monochrome candles, for example with ...

  • funny Santa Clauses
  • cute snowmen
  • funny sayings
  • Motifs that fit your company / family.

If you can't find a suitable motif like a Christmas tree, you can easily attach one yourself to a single-colored candle by purchasing a suitable wax set. Unusually large candles, candles in special shapes or so-called dancing angels, which change shape when melted, are also eye-catchers.

Stockings for guests and employees

At Christmas, in some countries, children hang stockings by the fireplace so that Santa Claus fills them with sweets, nuts and other gifts. This also made the stocking a symbol of the Christmas season in the rest of the world. At a company Christmas party, many companies say goodbye to their guests with a present to take away, for example a small bag of chocolates, a bag of unusual biscuits or a mix of sweets.

If you want to sweeten the Christmas season for others, you can buy decorative stockings to fill or make yourself to hang up in the office, at home or at the Christmas party. It is best to label each stocking with a name or a number to make it easy to identify.

As a decoration in the office, the stockings arouse anticipation and curiosity. Every employee can take their stocking home with them on the last working day before Christmas. If you hang up the stockings at a Christmas party, you can also organize a festive presentation.

Oversized advent calendar

During the Christmas season, advent calendars not only ensure that children’s eyes light up. With a large Advent calendar that you attach to a free wall or to a mobile stand, you can bring the magic of Advent to your company, school or work group. In your own house, the hallway is often a good place for a huge Advent calendar.

To do this, you can hang a large cloth on the wall, for example, and then attach small gift packages or bags to it with safety pins, which are numbered from one to 24. Small boxes that are not too heavy can be attached to the wall using special adhesive strips that can be removed without leaving any residue. If there are more than 24 people, the numbers can appear more than once. Every day during the Christmas season you will have to draw who will receive the parcel of the day or who will be allowed to open the little door.

You can also use the decorative stockings for a huge advent calendar. Other ideas include a snowy landscape made of styrofoam and cotton wool, a Christmas tree made of paper, a clothesline with colorful motif bags and much more. You can find even more great design ideas for homemade Advent calendars online.

Disguise real gifts as decoration

The Christmas season is full of little secrets, secrets and surprises. You can bring such a surprise to others by preparing small gifts and placing them in everyone's sight. You simply tell the others that it is just a matter of decoration.

Experience has shown that during the course of the Christmas season, some uninitiated people find out that the parcels contain something - because even when you lift them briefly, you can feel how heavy the parcels are. But this increases the anticipation of the gift giving even more. Of course, nobody is allowed to unpack the gifts prematurely! This decoration idea is therefore particularly suitable for companies and groups in which there is a minimum of discipline and a sense of community. It can be mean for small children to have the presents in front of them all of Christmas time - therefore this decoration idea is not particularly suitable for families.

It is completely sufficient to only pack small items in the parcel, for example colorful Christmas sweets, special chocolate, bath salts or unusual stationery.

Funny Santa Clauses and other characters

Santas are funny and can be seen in many shapes during the Christmas season. However, you can also present the typical Santa Claus with the red suit, a hat and the white bushy beard in a different way.

Santa Clauses in sunglasses sitting on lounge chairs under palm trees are not a common sight. Also cool figures with leather jackets or a bicycle helmet instead of a red hat are eye-catchers. You can vary classic Santa Claus figures yourself or buy unusual figures for your Christmas decorations. If you choose a fabric Santa Claus doll, you may be able to personalize it by adding extra clothing or handing a tiny Christmas tree to them.

You can also let your creativity run free with elves, reindeer and snowmen. An annoyed Christmas angel who demands more coffee (or something else) on a protest sign will surely also cause one or the other smile.

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Original decoration thanks to selected themes and color schemes

By choosing a specific theme or color scheme, you can give your Christmas decorations an individual touch. Colors like red, white and green dominate the pedestrian zones and houses during the Christmas season. The color combination white and blue is also popular because it goes well with winter.

As an alternative to the conventional Christmas colors, you can, for example, use pink Christmas decorations - either seriously or with an ironic touch. Football club colors are also a good idea, but they can also cause arguments. Therefore, it makes sense to discuss this decoration idea beforehand with the other people who are also affected by the design. As a compromise, you can also dedicate different rooms or corners to one soccer club.

Content-related topics can also enrich the Christmas decorations. Combining shallow horror motifs with Christmas has been socially acceptable in many areas since "Nightmare before Christmas" at the latest. In addition, you can choose a film or a book and let it inspire you to create a fan decoration.

Small hats for the desk, the kitchen and the rest

With a sufficient number of small hats, you can create a Christmas atmosphere without having to set up additional figures. You can make the red pointed hats from felt, for example. Cotton is suitable for the white border and the white pompom.

The hats can be of different sizes and can be placed practically anywhere. A Santa hat can, for example, be pulled over the corner of your monitor or hang on a curtain rod in the living room. If you have decorative figures in the house that are in place all year round, you can also equip them with a red pointed hat to match the season.

Conclusion: Christmas decorations offer many creative possibilities

A Christmas decoration you put together offers you a lot of freedom and enables you to be creative. By decorating your house, your workplace or the hall for a Christmas party in an unusual way, you create a personal reference and bring variety to the Christmas season.

Whether you only use the Christmas decorations in one year or use them in the following years is also an individual decision. Our nine ideas for a slightly different Christmas decoration show you some ways how you can reinvent Christmas decorations and develop a lot of anticipation for Christmas while doing handicrafts.