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The best free cloud storage from Germany

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Free cloud storage with server location in Germany: We present online storage that is subject to German data protection. Including an insider tip and a provider whose name does not immediately make you think of an online store. But which offers 30 GB for free.

EnlargeThe best free cloud storage from Germany
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Therefore online storage

Online storage aka cloud storage comes in handy. You can access your data via the Internet from any desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. And make these files available to his friends and colleagues. Simply upload the vacation photos to the cloud and send the link to friends. Or save your favorite music as MP3s centrally in the cloud and then listen to it anywhere and anytime without clogging the smartphone's memory. Best of all, most cloud storage is free. And you don't have to use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox. No, there are also many free cloud storage facilities in Germany such as E-Post Cloud, Magenta Cloud, Web.de or MyTuxedo. We present the best cloud storage or online storage with server location in Germany. These online storage services are free of charge, at least in the standard version. The German data protection regulations apply to them.

For comparison, so that you can classify the size of the online storage with the following German providers: Google Drive provides 15 GB by default (this includes the storage space used by Googlemail), with Dropbox it is only 2 GB, but with different Let tricks expand: Microsoft Onedrive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage, as does Apple with the iCloud.

E-Post Cloud: Up to 30 GB free of charge

Deutsche Post offers free cloud storage with servers in Germany: the E-Post Cloud. However, this online storage should be seen more as an additional offer to E-Post, the digital variant of traditional letter post. In simple terms, E-Post means that you write a letter on your PC, send it digitally to Swiss Post and then put it on paper and deliver it to the recipient conventionally by postman. Of course you have to pay for this service.

Nevertheless, the online storage offer associated with the E-Postbrief is interesting, because the online cloud storage itself is free and huge: you have 5 GB of online storage available to begin with. However, if you identify yourself free of charge with your ID at POSTID, this will become 30 GB of free online storage. If you also use the additional fax and e-mail functions, you will receive an extra 100 megabytes of storage space. Swiss Post promises protection against unauthorized access through TLS / SSL encryption.

That is an unusual amount if you compare it with the other providers (see below). Access is possible from PCs and, thanks to the corresponding apps, also from iOS and Android devices. However, individual files must not be larger than 50 MB.

Magenta Cloud Free from Telekom - 3 GB free for everyone

With the Magenta Cloud, Deutsche Telekom provides free online storage in Germany for every interested user. So you have to Not Be a Telekom customer in order to be able to use the Telekom Cloud free of charge. Create your free Magenta Cloud account under "Get started now for free" and then "Not yet registered? Register now".

The Magenta Cloud Free attracts with 3 GB of online storage space. The only requirement: you have to register for a free email address. Telekom customers get 15 GB of online storage, which is called Magenta Cloud S.

EnlargeThe Magenta Cloud is basically free of charge. However, you can get significantly more storage space for a surcharge.

For a monthly fee, you can significantly expand the storage space and purchase additional functions.

Telekom advertises with the server location Germany and German data protection laws. In addition, the uploads and downloads as well as the mailing are carried out via AES 128-bit SSL encryption, but not with 256 bit. Suitable apps are available for iOS and Android, and Deutsche Telekom also provides basic spam and virus protection for the mailbox.

Web.de (and GMX) - between 2 GB and 10 GB free

Anyone who has a web.de email address can also use the associated online storage free of charge. 2 GB are automatically available to every freemail user in the cloud free of charge.

Access for upload and download is via the web frontend - which is probably used for the freemail service anyway.

Images, videos, music files and documents can be uploaded to the cloud storage and shared with friends. There are apps for Windows PCs and Android smartphones, iPhones and Windows phones.

You can quickly expand the meager 2 GB of online storage space by 4 GB if you install the Windows client. The application integrates the Web.de online storage in Windows Explorer. Files that you move to this drive are automatically synchronized with the online storage. You get another 4 GB of free storage if you also use one of the apps for Android, iPhone and iPad