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Highest paid professions: This is where the most money is found

A big bank account rarely falls from the sky. That is actually a shame. But if you'd rather earn your money doing your own work anyway, check out our list "Best paid professions" at.

Here you can find highest paid jobs from a wide variety of categories, because in this article we highlight apprenticeships, jobs after graduation and general starting salaries. We even take a look at the typical dream jobs and with top salaries we also give you some space to dream.


Best Paid Jobs - Which Occupation Do You Make the Most Money?


Where the highest paid profession waiting for you, of course it depends. Not all of us can kick football as nicely as Ronaldo and earn almost 90 million a year for it. Otherwise the question would be answered quickly. So a lot depends on your own abilities and limits your options. What are you ready to invest? Would you rather complete a classic apprenticeship or study intensively for many years? Company size, region and industry have an impact on your wallet, as do the specialist knowledge that is in great demand and your own negotiating skills. Here some examples*:


Best paid jobs in IT & business administration


The best-paid entry-level salaries are achieved in the IT and finance industries. As an IT team leader you can expect up to 67,000 euros, as a financial analyst with up to 54,000 euros and as a software developer with Java skills, the cash register will ring with up to 51,000 euros. In the commercial professions, marketing, sales and advertising are ahead with up to 40,000 euros, closely followed by forwarding agents and HR administrators with 35,000 euros each.

Really highest paid jobs wait, however, at board level. According to Manager Magazin, DAX managers earned 50 times as much as their employees in 2016. The front runner was last SAP boss Bill McDermott with 13.8 million euros. In the USA, Nike boss Mark G. Parker even brought it to 43 million euros.


Highest paid jobs for academics


Best paid jobs for academics? Medicine clearly dominates here in Germany. Salaries for chief and senior physicians start at around 100,000 euros, the upper limit is open. Specialists receive an average of 80,000 euros per year, closely followed by corporate finance with 78,000 euros and company lawyers with 74,000 euros. They share their salary class with Business Development, Technical Research and the Auditors. Management consultants and sales engineers still come up with up to 70,000 euros a year.


The highest salaries in apprenticeships


In the top-paid apprenticeship professions, air traffic controllers are currently in first place with an annual salary of EUR 68,000, followed by pilots with EUR 63,000. Logisticians, account managers for financial services and IT consultants come to an average of 38,000 euros, while automobile salespeople, insurance consultants and bankers have to be content with 33,000 to 35,000 euros.


Best paid professions for all creative people


Even the best-paid jobs in the creative industry have the disadvantage that they are usually not paid well. In some cases, the salary classes - such as those of architects, photographers and designers - differ widely. Depending on whether you are employed or freelance, and of course: How famous you are!


The special ones: astronaut, zoo keeper & Co


Even with rather unusual activities, there are of course highest paid professions and those where employers are paid lower. Archaeologists earn up to 57,000 euros, with animal keepers it is almost 30,000 euros. According to Welt, the astronaut salary starts at 5,000 euros net per month and increases after the first flight into space. Not a lot when you consider that you usually have to study at least one science and pass an extremely tough education.

The Eurofighter pilot Nicola Baumann, as a major in the Bundeswehr with grade A13, earns just 4,154 euros per month plus bonuses, according to the picture.

The bandwidth is enormous, even in the “high-paying” area. What is a dream salary for one person seems to be pocket money for another. Aside from the salary, you should always consider: Do I actually enjoy the job? Because to be honest - the best-paid jobs are those that give you the opportunity to use your talents and your knowledge. Because money is not the only currency in the job!


Best-paying jobs - find a vacancy and take the next step in your salary


Regardless of whether there are the highest-paying jobs in your industry or not, salary is an important factor. In order to find out what the next step in terms of salary could look like, it is worth knowing which employers are currently looking for new talent and what they are offering - even if you are not actively looking. Do you need help with this? Then become a monster today and create a free account. Upload your résumé now and let us find you. Every day, recruiters use our résumé database to search for qualified candidates like you. And vacancies for the best-paid jobs are also advertised.