In what form does energy exist

What is energy

"Energy" is the ability to do work
and work is the product of the force that moves a body and the path it takes.

Energy can come in different forms:

  • electromagnetic energy, radiant energy
    special shape = "light": in the visible spectral range (350 - 750 nm)
  • potential mechanical energy
    is stored e.g. in a filled reservoir or in the stretched tendon of a bow, ...
  • kinetic mechanical energy
    is found in every moving body (e.g. muscle work), in the shot of an arrow, in a moving car, ...
  • Thermal energy
    It can be found in every kind of material, in boiling water, but also in dry ice.
  • electrical power
    becomes free the moment a fuel cell, for example, is connected and an electric current flows.
    Electrical energy is stored in the electrical field of a capacitor and in the magnetic field of a magnet.
  • chemical energy
    contain all substances that can burn.
    It is the ability of a chemical reaction to do work.
  • Nuclear energy
    is stored in the atomic nucleus, can be released in nuclear fission reactors.


Conservation of energy law by MAYER and JOULE

Energy can neither be generated nor destroyed. Energy can only be converted from one form to another. There must be certain constant conversion ratios between the unit quantities of different types of energy, which are measured in different units of measurement.