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Earning money on the side: Simple tips and sources of money

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Boost your income and finances? See a plus on your account at the end of the month and not have to turn every penny? Quite a few are looking for opportunities to earn money on the side because there is so much month left at the end of the money. The good news: There are a whole range of tips and options on how you can earn money on the side. However, they all require time, energy and the willingness to be active in your free time ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Earning money on the side: It's a question of time

If money is regularly scarce and the current job barely covers the running costs, additional earning opportunities are needed. Not every job is well paid. Many employees today therefore need a second job in order to top up their coffers. Earn money on the side to get rid of money worries? Not a bad idea. But above all a question of time.

The internet offers numerous possibilities todayto earn a few or many euros on the side. However, all promises of the type: “Get rich in just two weeks!” Are nonsense. Even those who want to build up a passive income online need some lead time and ongoing commitment. Nothing happens overnight or after completing a few webinars.

If you want to earn money "on the side", the trick is to make the most of your free time - after work or on the weekend - to build up a lucrative side business. As with any business, you need to invest (time & labor) first to benefit later. In the following, we will introduce you to some of these simple business models, some of which can even be expanded ...

Can I earn money on the side?

Before you get started and earn money on the side, you need to consider a few formal points. Even those who want to earn money from home on the Internet may have to register their secondary employment with their main employer and have them approved. Corresponding passages can be found in the employment contract. However, he may only refuse his consent if you are competing with your part-time job with your actual livelihood (so-called "competitive activity"). Or if you can no longer relax in your free time because of this and are therefore only tired and unfocused at work.

Otherwise, the employer must allow the secondary employment (as long as it's not illegal, of course!). Also, pay attention to how much money you are making on the side. If the limits for a mini job are exceeded, taxes are incurred. In that case, it makes sense to speak to a tax advisor and find out what taxes are to be paid and what you can save where.

Tips: This is how you can earn money on the side

Below you will find simple tips, ideas and inspiration on how you can make money on the side. The options are actually numerous. The fewest examples and extra income make for quick wealth. But they certainly fill up the wallet and can bring a nice plus on the account - with comparatively little effort.

  • Find yourself a part-time job

    The absolute classic to earn money on the side is the classic part-time job. A mini job based on 450 euros brings a regular, additional income and can be searched for in a wide variety of professions and industries. A steady part-time income, however, takes time. You sign a second employment contract to which you are bound. Means: You have to coordinate, organize and time two jobs in parallel.

  • Rent a free room

    Do you have a free room or can you free one so you can earn money with it? It can be worth it! The demand for private rooms is particularly high during trade fairs. Likewise in popular cities and exciting travel destinations. You can rent out your room and earn good money through platforms like Airbnb. Attention: Find out about the rules in your city beforehand! Some places restrict the short-term accommodation of paying guests. If you live to rent yourself, it is also advisable to consult the landlord.

  • Test products

    As a product tester you don't make a lot of money. But the job isn't too difficult either and doesn't take a lot of time. Those who test products from time to time will often receive them as a consideration and may then sell them on eBay. However, you can only really earn money with the job if you take the tests more professionally. To be a regular product tester, you need to find jobs, apply for them, and write reviews. For example for Amazon or other portals.

  • Give tutoring

    Tutoring is mainly offered by older pupils and students. Even after you've graduated, you can share your knowledge and help others in school and learning. Classically, tutoring revolves around math, vocabulary or grammar. But you can also offer other courses. A great advantage of this job is that you don't have to be on site to tutor. The courses are increasingly taking place virtually and via video conference. Practical: You can earn money from the comfort of your own home!

  • Offer carpooling

    Anyone who travels a lot by car anyway and has free spaces can take other people with them or even work as a driver in their free time. Carpooling or chauffeur services are a good way to make money on the side. Portals such as the Mitfahrzentrale, Uber or FreeNow arrange appropriate jobs. To do this, you usually have to register as a private taxi, provide evidence of a passenger transport ticket and then receive orders.

  • Make small products

    Are you creative, skilled and artistically gifted? Then you could sell your own products in order to be able to earn money on the side. There are hardly any limits to the imagination: making cosmetic products, sewing scarves or hats or painting pictures - if you find your niche here, you can earn good money. Either at craft or flea markets or on the Internet. There are now several websites that specialize in these types of homemade products. Above all, Etsy and eBay. But you can also start your own homepage with an online shop and do marketing via Pinterest or Instagram in order to become better known and to reach customers.

Earn money on the Internet on the side

It is particularly popular today to earn money on the Internet on the side. Advantage: You can do this from the comfort of your home and organize the work yourself. This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to better integrate the additional income into your everyday life. Here are a few ways you can make money online on the side:

  • Start a blog

    Starting a blog, writing articles, building a readership base and increasing reach - it's child's play today. Depending on how big the readership becomes, considerable sums of money can be earned on the blog through advertising or sponsors. But don't underestimate how much work a blog can be. First of all, you need to find a topic that you are not only familiar with, but that speaks to others and encourages them to read and click. Then you need new content on a regular basis to stay exciting and up-to-date.

  • Create an e-book

    Do you have useful knowledge that others would also like? Then write an e-book about it and offer it to download for a fee. With this part-time job, you first make advance payments. You must invest time and effort in your book before it will generate sales. But if your e-book is well received, you can earn money with it in the long term while you are already developing the next book.

  • Write texts for others

    "Content is king" - everything on the Internet revolves around content. Online shops, magazines, company pages and company blogs - they all constantly need new, exciting and informative articles. There is not always an editorial team that can meet the demand. This is the opportunity for freelance writers and copywriters. So if you can research well and write (quickly!), You can also earn money with it. The easiest way to earn money as a copywriter are online portals where demand and supply meet. Payment is usually processed directly via the website, which minimizes the effort for you. As a rule, payment is made per word.

  • Sell ​​used things

    When you look around your apartment, in the cupboards, in the basement and in the attic: do you really need everything you can find there? If not: monetize it! With old or used clothes, furniture, accessories, books, films, games and technology, it is great to earn money on the side. There are numerous groups, apps and websites on the Internet that make this very easy. Alternatively, there are still flea markets.

  • Become a virtual assistant

    Take on typical tasks of a secretary or assistant. Just not in an office, but virtually, online and from home. The tasks of these PDAs ("Personal Digital Assistants") can be varied: accepting phone calls, researching facts, creating presentations or planning appointments and booking trips. You can offer these services again via relevant portals or on LinkedIn.

  • Do you participate in surveys

    A particularly simple option to earn money on the side is to take part in online surveys. These surveys are usually carried out by institutes that act on behalf of companies and test a thesis or question views. Participants are paid accordingly for their efforts. With online surveys in particular, you have the opportunity to take part in various surveys again and again and earn something more on a regular basis. To do this, however, you must register and be selected by the respective institute to take part in the survey.

  • Make use of affiliate marketing

    If you want to earn money on the Internet on the side, you should also consider what is known as affiliate marketing. Most influencers have been using it for a long time. With the appropriate presence and reach, you recommend products and receive a commission if others follow your recommendation and buy. In this way, a substantial additional income can be generated. The prerequisite for this, however, is your own (high-reach) social media channel (on Instagram or Tiktok) or your own blog or website. But then affiliate marketing can be worthwhile to earn money on the side.

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