How do I achieve enlightenment through yoga

The 6 first steps to understand yoga

The most common variant is Hatha yogawhich includes 8 levels. One of them are the physical exercises, or asanas.


Asanas have different goals: to free the body from blockages of the energy flow and the musculoskeletal system, and to cleanse it with the help of the generated heat It also improves breathing, the ability to concentrate, a sense of balance, strength and flexibility.


There are different Attitudes when exercising Hatha yoga:

  • Standing postures - ensure mental equilibrium, strengthen joints and blood vessels
  • Twists - loosen the spine
  • Forward bends - stretch the spine and relax
  • Backward flexions - stretch the front part of the body
  • Lying postures - relieve the body organs from pressure and give them relaxation
  • Inverse Attitudes

Hatha yoga creates immediate Wellbeing through body relaxation. The yoga class itself doesn't have to be relaxing, however. Depending on the type of yoga (There are different styles within Hatha Yoga, some more dynamic, some more gentle) it can be very intense. With exercise, your health improves: your sleep improves, you have more energy, and you can concentrate better. The postures also improve your breathing and oxygen uptake.

Yoga styles

Many different styles such as Iyengar yoga and Kundalini Yoga can meet you. They range from gentle, i.e. suitable for everyone, to dynamic, and therapeutic:

  1. Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga yoga: aim for more strength and vitality
  2. Iyengar yoga: suitable for everyone, based on adaptation and is therefore suitable regardless of the respective health or training status, even as rehabilitation after serious illnesses.
  3. Kundalini Yoga: more suitable for improving the emotional state.
  4. Bikram yoga, power, sauna: Sub-variant of Hatha Yoga with very little use, as this yoga is not limited to postures.


Spirituality always belongs to Hatha yoga to. Together with breathing and concentration exercises, asanas enable yoga students to find freedom for themselves through meditation in the long term and to experience an inner change over time.

If you want to improve your physical and mental condition, you should do it with yoga try, because it increases the ability to perceive, alertness and mental stability.

That body and mind belong together is a generally accepted fact. Body work has a positive effect on the mind and your general health as long as it is done with a clearly and deliberately defined goal. In short, that's exactly what yoga has been doing for thousands of years.