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Game "Scrabble Word Battle": Classic with new rules

Status: 11/28/2020 12:00 p.m.
"Scrabble Word Battle" is ideal for larger family game groups.

Scrabble has been a classic board game for 70 years. With the new game edition "Scrabble Word Battle" up to 6 people can now play - at the same time.

As usual, words are searched for like in a crossword puzzle. Here, however, all players use the same 7 letter tiles that are face up on the table to form words. It is important to place the word on the tableau in such a way that you get the maximum number of points. However, only one player's word is placed at the end of each round, for which the most points are awarded. Every single player still collects points for their thought up word in every round, but cannot always actively determine how the playing field fills up.

So it remains exciting to find out who can still find gaps at the very end, in order to create occasional letters that bring full dots. So the players all get the same task for each round and it's against the clock. The game is very suitable for larger family game groups to form teams.


The new edition of the classic game is entertaining as usual, but still offers variety. Ideal for larger groups or family groups.

For whom?2 to 6 players, ages 10+
Game typeVerbal skill
publishing companyMattel games
priceabout 30 euros

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