Why did Ginny dump Dean

Linny-A New Adventure

Dean and I are lying by the lake and enjoying the beautiful weather, the last few days have been surprisingly calm, and I had rejected the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčending this relationship for the time being. I snuggled into Dean's arm and looked over to the Forbidden Forest, from here it looked peaceful and calm, but I knew what dangers were hidden in it.

Splash. A load of seawater had been dumped directly above me.

"Hey," I shouted indignantly and looked around for my twin brothers Fred and Gorge, who apparently wanted to have a water fight with us. Dean and I exchanged a look and jumped up.

Some time later the four of us were lying in the warm grass, wet to the bone and totally exhausted, watching the setting sun. When the last rays of light slowly disappeared, Dean took my hand and together we made our way towards the castle portal. Tired but very happy we entered Hogwarts Castle, everything could have been perfect. But something in me still had doubts about my relationship. The day had been, no doubt, very fine, but somehow, something was missing. Dean was still holding my hand, but that felt weird too. And then I understood. I enjoyed spending time with Dean, but now I saw him more as a friend than my friend. It couldn't possibly go on like this. "Dean, we need to talk." I got the words out before I really thought about it.

"What is it, honey?" He asked confused.

"Well, it's like that ..." I fell silent, was that really right? "When that day today," I continued, "It was really nice and-"

"Yes, I thought so too," sighed Dean, relieved, "I thought you wanted to break up or something" and with that he kissed me.

"What to end?" I asked with a supernaturally high voice "No, why should I? I uhh have to go to the library, bye" I quickly disappeared and left the completely lost Dean in the entrance hall. But I did not go to the library, I sneaked out again into the country and walked to the owl farm. There I would be able to reflect in peace. However, there was a surprise waiting for me there, namely one with ash-blonde eyes, a copy of the Kiltterer and with radish earrings. "Luna!" I exclaimed delightedly and ran to her to hug her.
"Hello Ginny" she greeted me in her calm voice "What are you doing here so late? I guess you want to be alone"

"Oh no, actually, but your company is even better," I mumbled embarrassed. Luna smiled and began to tell me something about the quibble, it even sounded interesting and I asked her to read the article to me. We sat down together a window and, while she was reading, my eyes closed. I dreamed a wonderful dream, I flew through the air with Luna, something carried us, I knew it was a beam, even if I couldn't see it, I knew it simple. Luna sat in front, but with her back to the place where I valued the head of the Thestraight. A game of cards lay between us, and Luna revealed an ace of hearts. "You know what that means," she smiled

"Of course," I muttered back, and then we got closer and closer, and then, just as our lips were touching, I woke up. I was still in the owl, Luna was sleeping across from me, I was looking at her features, the hair that fell on her face. The relaxed flight around her mouth, her beautiful lips - wait, did I just think beautiful lips? Immediately I blushed and turned away, but I couldn't just look away, again and again I found my gaze she, and then, just as I was staring at her intensely, she woke up. "Oh uh good morning" I stammered "What did you dream it looked very peaceful"

"Oh" for the first time since I knew her, Luna looked unsure "uh, I have, I have dreamed of, well, you. Is it really morning?"

"I don't know, it's getting light now, and well, I've dreamed of you too," I stuttered embarrassed. I got up hastily, and helped Luna up too. Suddenly we were very close, I looked at my hand, embarrassed, and realized that I was still holding Luna's hand. Then I looked into her deep brown eyes, only to find that her gaze was already resting on my. Just like in my dream, we were getting closer and closer and barely a sheet of paper Ron came in between our faces. "Uh, hi," he said, visibly embarrassed, I'll leave you alone then, "and turned around and disappeared. But the brief moment was enough to release the tension, I turned around quickly, mumbled something about I still have to feed my magic essay, and disappeared from the owlery.