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My first tattoo artist recommended Bepanthen to me for the care of the freshly made tattoo. I stayed true to this recommendation for years and a large number of tattoos ... until I became aware of the Pegasus Pro. During the care with Bepanthen I had the feeling that minimal color was "pulled out". The

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From peregrine falcon

At the beginning of July this year I started to have a complete sleeve pierced. In the meantime 4 sessions have passed and the arm is almost completely finished. I already have some tattoos and also quite large ones and have always cared for them in the past with a wound and healing ointment. Of course it has with that too

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From xAtTaXx

I have already tried a few tattoo creams and I have to say, this is the best cream! It soothes, cares for the tattoo optimally and the tattoos heal quickly. I can recommend them to you. I already had this cream with my first tattoos, now there are but no longer there now there are others there .. I am not with it

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From Dani

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