What are rss feed websites

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are an easy way to keep up to date with your favorite websites such as blogs or online magazines. If a website offers an RSS feed, you will be notified when a post is displayed and you can then read a summary or the entire post.

And if you enable RSS feed synchronization in Outlook, all of the feeds you subscribe to and their posts will be sent directly to your Outlook RSS Subscription folder.

Subscribe to an RSS feed using your web browser

  1. See if the website has an RSS feed. When it does, you can usually find a button that looks like this:

If you don't see this button, look for a link called RSS feed or similar.

  1. To add the feed to your browser, click Subscribe to this feed on the page that appears in your browser after you click the RSS Feed button.

  2. click on the Subscribe button.

Set Outlook to collect feeds when you subscribe to them

  1. In Outlook, click file > Options > Extended.

  2. Put Under RSS feedsmake sure to check the rss feeds with the common Common Feed List (CFL) in Synchronize Windows is activated.

  3. click You OK,and start Outlook.

Now your existing feeds and any new feeds will be directly Outlook.

Manually adding an RSS feed to Outlook

  1. In your web browser, copy the web address of the feed page from the address bar.

  2. Outlook, in the email navigation pane, right-click RSS Feeds (Outlook 2013) or RSS Subscriptions (Outlook 2016), and then click New RSS Feed Add.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, paste the address you copied previously into the field, click Addand then on Yes.

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