Should restaurants accept customers until closing time

Corona crisis: first aid for small businesses and restaurants

Corona hits small businesses hard: Now your entrepreneurial thinking is required, we will help with this article - with fresh ideas and expertise.

What You Can Do Now to Save Your Restaurant or Business!

Corona hits small companies hard: Shops across Germany have to close, by order of the state governments, restaurants are only allowed to offer their meals to take away. The restrictions caused by the coronavirus are a serious pain for retailers as well as restaurants. But the common good is above that of the individual. Affected people are tense everywhere - livelihoods are threatened.

Now it's time to persevere, think creatively and act flexibly. Do not give up courage, there will also be a time after Corona. Until then, it is important to persevere and rethink. Now your entrepreneurial thinking is required, we will help with this article - with fresh ideas and expertise.


What can I do to save my restaurant?

What can I do to save my retail business?

Corona crisis in retail - first aid tips from professionals!


Do not lapse into shock - act!

How can you act to save your restaurant or small business from bankruptcy? Have you already applied for government aid? Now it's time to actively approach your customers. Reduce your offerings, find other ways to sell - but stay there for your customers, this is the only way you will have a chance to generate income.


We will give you tips with which you can further reach your customers!

1. Show that you are there!

The most important point to adhere to is show presence and move on. Be tangible for your customers - communicate with your target group! Keep showing your presence!

  • Communicate with your customers!
  • Write out information at your shop

Let your customers know that you continue to offer goods and services!

  • And use social media. This is a must for every business, regardless of whether it is a retail or restaurant.

In these weeks, users are using social media like never before. Quarantine and home office release an unusually high frequency on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is where you should address your customers.

  • Give clear messages: "We will hold on", "Carry on despite Corona".
  • You can also use hashtags that give you the chance to appear in specific searches.

Many customers know about the precarious situation of small businesses and restaurants and want to provide support wherever possible. Hashtags like #supportyourlocals are your way to appear in the search ads of the customers and to address the solidarity of the users.

  • Fund your ads

It's more worthwhile than ever to spend a little money promoting your social media ad. It doesn't have to be expensive - small amounts are enough to expand the reach of your ad and to limit target groups very explicitly and specifically. You can choose age, gender, preferences and interests but also the place of residence of your target group. So you can be sure that exactly the target audience you want will see your ad.

  • Use the website "Support your locals"

The platform supports retailers like you who are threatened by the Corona crisis. By registering on the website, you can draw attention to yourself and show that you continue to offer goods and services. This way, potential customers know that they can still shop from you and order goods from you. This will put some money back in your till.

  • Use Google-my Business

How do customers search for restaurants? Right, with Google. They do that even in times of Corona. The Google My Business Account helps companies to be found faster and to present themselves better. It is important that you keep the stored information up to date for your customers. Then remember to update your Google account and make changes asap. The faster you react, the better.

  • Update your existing account with regard to opening times

Did you have to adjust your opening times due to Corona? If you have saved your opening times in My Business, these are logically exactly what you want. If the customer comes to your restaurant to order take away food from you, in the worst case they will stand in front of closed doors while Google displays "now open" ... It is therefore important to indicate the adjusted opening times.

  • Publish articles and news in your My Business Account

You can use various options to keep the account up to date. Have you adjusted your menu and only a few dishes left on offer? Pass this on! You can also use the option to post in My Business and give your customers information about distance regulations for pick-up or contactless payment during the Corona period - so that the risk of infection can be minimized.

2. Use new ways to sell

Analog advice and sales are no longer an option. Go digital. Sales and advice 2.0 is virtual!

  • Instead of personal advice: use video advice!

You have a computer - so do your customers. Present this possibility to your customers - with the appropriate tools, a virtual consultation can easily be carried out, this possibility always has charm.

  • Traditional things also help: Talk to your customers on the phone.

And it is essential that you pass this information on to your customers: We can still be reached by phone and also virtually.

  • Go new ways to sell goods and services
  • Quite clearly - deliver products to your customers
  • Sell ​​vouchers for "afterwards"

The analog sales of goods and services cannot be carried out? Then you sell vouchers, give information to your customers - support is also about services that are returned in better times.

The point is to make a virtue out of the need that affects us all

Clearly, these are difficult times. But don't bury your head in the sand. A lot can be helped with these little tips. We are at your side at all times to implement first aid measures. Contact us for support - we will help in difficult times with expertise and a lot of experience.