How is aluminum hardened?

Aluminum rods

Aluminum rods are available from us in the usual variations - we supply you with the semi-finished products that are indispensable in many areasexactly according to your requirements - Whether tailored or completely processed, ask our competent team at any time and contact us! OurDelivery program includes aluminum rods in the following designs

In manufacturing technology and the construction industry, as well as in mechanical engineering and the electrical industry, aluminum rods are highly valued due to their versatile properties. In addition, the bars are not just indifferent dimensionsandto shape, but also in various aluminum alloys, so that your material properties can be individually adapted to the intended use. Take a look at ourextensive range and convince yourself of thehigh qualitywho give you theAluminum Service GmbH can offer at excellent prices!

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Anyone who knows the properties of aluminum can already guess why semi-finished products such as aluminum rods are used, among other things, in shipbuilding and vehicle construction, in the fittings industry, in apparatus and container construction, or in the chemical and food industries. Round bars, square bars, hexagonal bars or flat bars made of aluminum are not onlycorrosion resistantbut also verystable and have a density around three times lower than steel, which makes them interesting for shelf construction, among other things. Above all, the different alloys that are available offer awide range of applications: While some aluminum alloys are characterized by their cold formability, others are better hot formable. Same goes for thatwelding andsoldering as well as in terms ofMachinability of aluminum rods in the hardened, work-hardened or hardened state. Depending on the intended use, various alloying elements are added, for example silicon, copper, magnesium or manganese. With the alloy AlCu4PbMgMn, for example, the metal can be drilled, milled and turned more easily, while semi-finished products made from AlSi1MgMn are significantly stronger than those made from pure aluminum.

Different processes of aluminum rod manufacturers

Aroundpure aluminum a lot of energy has to be expended to get it. In order to compensate for this energy expenditure, it is important that the metal is always fed into the recycling cycle so that new semi-finished products can always be created from it. These are the most important processes used by manufacturers to manufacture round bars, square bars, hexagonal bars and flat barsPressPull or thatRollers. For the latter, aluminum plates are the starting material, which is then rolled into square bars, hexagonal bars and flat bars in two stages.Round bars howeverpressedpoured ordrawn