What are the important rules and regulations

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Nationwide emergency brake from an incidence of over 100:

The retail trade is generally closed. Grocery stores including direct marketing, beverage stores, health food stores, baby stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, drug stores, opticians, hearing care professionals, petrol stations, newspaper sales outlets, bookstores, flower shops, pet stores, animal feed markets, garden centers and wholesalers will remain open. In all cases, appropriate hygiene concepts and the mask requirement must be observed.

The collection of pre-ordered goods in shops is permitted ("Click and Collect").

Up to Incidence of 150 it is possible in all stores to shop by appointment and with a current negative test result ("Click and Meet"). People who have been vaccinated and who have recovered do not need to present a negative test. In the service sector, everything that is not expressly prohibited remains open, for example bicycle and car repair shops, banks and savings banks, post offices and the like.

If the incidence is less than 100:

The local regulations are made by the respective federal state. The federal states can enable the opening of the retail trade for appointment shopping offers (“Click and Meet”). A prior appointment is required for this. In addition, at least 40 square meters of sales area must be available for each customer.

When shopping, hygiene requirements must be adhered to, access to the shop must be controlled and queues must be avoided. In general, a facility with a sales area of ​​up to 800 square meters should have at most one person per 10 square meters of sales area. For larger shops, from 800 square meters, one person is allowed for every additional 20 square meters of sales area. The respective total sales area is to be used for shopping centers.

In addition, one applies in all federal states Obligation to wear a medical mask while shopping. This means the following products: surgical masks or masks of the KN95 or FFP2 standards. The mask requirement also applies in front of retail stores and in parking lots. You can find more information on the Corona page of your country.