Can I smoke meth mixed with tobacco?

Beware of mixed consumption

With mixed consumption, two or more addictive substances are consumed at the same time or at short intervals of time. Effect, risks and interactions can then hardly be assessed. Because depending on the substance, the effects can be significantly increased or changed.

What you probably know about alcohol applies even more to the combination with other addictive substances: Whether and how you tolerate different drugs depends on your current physical and mental state. The same substances can have a different effect depending on the situation and time.

Always tell your friends what you've taken. In an emergency, the ambulance doctor absolutely has to find out.


  • Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is the most common form of mixed consumption. Almost every organ is damaged by this combination. Health risks multiply.
  • The risk of cancer increases. With certain types of cancer, such as in the area of ​​the oral mucosa, even up to 15 times.
  • The likelihood of cardiovascular disease, including a fatal heart attack, is increasing sharply.
  • Erectile dysfunction in men and menstrual disorders in women can occur.


  • Smoking weed and alcohol put a lot of stress on the circulatory system. Therefore, this combination often leads to nausea and vomiting.
  • The ability to react and orientate yourself decline faster and more strongly than with alcohol consumption alone. Therefore it is much more difficult to stay in control. Hallucinations can also occur in individual cases.
  • The risk of accidents increases significantly because you react more slowly and you are less able to orientate yourself. Participation in road traffic is life-threatening.


  • Ecstasy makes the effects of alcohol less noticeable and can lead to larger amounts being consumed than usual. This is doubly dangerous with this form of mixed consumption, because at the same time the drug slows down the breakdown of alcohol in the liver. The risk of alcohol poisoning is therefore increased.
  • If you combine alcohol and ecstasy, you risk liver damage. Studies show that the mixed consumption of these two addictive substances contributes significantly more to the death of liver cells than both substances alone.
  • Fatigue and thirst are often suppressed by the "party drug" Ecstasy. Alcohol also removes fluids from the body. This can lead to heat build-up and dangerous overheating phenomena.
  • The negative effects of coming down (often disgruntled and depressed mood) are further exacerbated by alcohol.
  • In the long run, memory disorders can occur that are no longer reversible.

Drug cocktail: mix three or more drugs

Such extreme mixed consumption can be life-threatening. If you take three or more substances at the same time, you are exposing yourself to uncontrollable risks.

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