How do you fight like John Wick

Keanu Reeves: Would Neo Beat John Wick in Fight?

Neo from "Matrix" vs. "John Wick" - who would win? Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, who plays both characters, surprises with his answer.

Keanu Reeves (55, "Speed") is currently in front of the camera in Berlin for the fourth part of the "Matrix" series. In the science fiction sequel, the actor will again appear as the computer programmer Neo. In an interview with US presenter Stephen Colbert (56) as part of the "Late Show", Reeves now revealed who would be the winner in a fight between Neo and his other film alter ego, the title character from the "John Wick" series emerged.

Keanu Reeves has a clear opinion

"You wouldn't fight," the 55-year-old star insisted after Colbert asked about a potential winner. The moderator didn't let Reeves off the hook so quickly and added: "What if Neo accidentally kills John Wick's dog?" However, the actor stuck to his opinion that there would be no fight. Instead, he said he could even imagine the two of them working together. "Perhaps John Wick would try to help Thomas Anderson [Neo's maiden name, editor's note] in the real world," his theory says.

Keanu Reeves is currently in Berlin

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves was connected to the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" from the German capital, which made the presenter suspicious due to the current corona pandemic. "Americans are not allowed to enter Europe at the moment. How did they let you on the continent?" Asked the 56-year-old, visibly confused. The Canadian actor, who was born in Lebanon, had a plausible explanation ready: "When I came here, the circumstances were different. I've been here for over six weeks."