Where do wealthy people shop online

You are rich, successful, and smart: wealthy people haggle at every opportunity. The editorial team reveals your tips - and where they are really stingy.

Rich people often accumulate their wealth over years. But very few of the so-called self-made millionaires reveal their secret of success. Until now. Because, according to Business Insider, there is exactly five things the wealthy would be too stingy to pay full price for.

Rich people bargain for auto bargains

Bentley, Hummer or Aston Martin: When it comes to cool and chic cars, it often seems as if high society is in for a treat. But according to Brian Davis, a real estate investor with "Spark Rental", this is more appearance than it is.

Because especially Rich people shouldn't want to spend so much money on cars. Instead, act wisely - and find the best price for you. Here's how it works: Since they know that negotiating consumer goods is the cheapest way to get away, you go to the dealership on the last day of the month.

Your consideration: Car dealers receive commissions for every vehicle sold. However, you always have to meet one target specification per month - otherwise there will be trouble with the boss.

That's why they also know that the best bargains at the end of the month are to be knocked out. "A smart buyer comes to the dealership on the last day of the month and says they are buying a car but they don't want to pay anywhere near full price. Then they ask what the lowest price they can get," Davis said . With this trick you too can get a brand new car - for a small price.

Otherwise you could too compare prices of the model onlinewhich interests you. And enter into negotiations with the car dealer with this desired price.

The rich use discount coupons for consumer goods

Strolling for hours in luxury shopping streets - and then not buying anything? Rich people don't do much differently from what many would expect of us. According to a survey by the "Millionaire Corner" news site, 1,200 investors said which stores they prefer to shop in. They all had an estimated net worth of around 4.5 million euros.

And yet: yours Most of them preferred weekend shopping at US discounters such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Target or Costco. Even Hollywood stars like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber or Heidi Klum have already admitted to being fans of Target, Walmart & Co. They are also big voucher fans.

A concrete example: Although US basketball great Carmelo Anthony is said to have around 28 million euros according to Forbes magazine, he should always have discount vouchers with him to save money at the checkout. "I always cut the coupons out of the newspaper before I go shopping so that I can save a dollar or two," he told CBS Denver a few years ago.

However, there are Coupons often already online. So if you would like to try out discount vouchers for clothing, electronics & Co. yourself, you should simply search for them on the Internet.

In addition to discount vouchers, you can also save a lot of money in everyday life.

Lots of Money on Credit Cards: Free Luxury Travel

Although high society does not like to do without business class when flying or traveling, they still do not want to spend a lot on it. Instead Load a lot of money on your credit card, according to a study by the credit card portal "Fidelity" - and get discounts, bonus miles and even upgrades.

If you have a lot on your card, you can expect free travel gifts in addition to cashback. But even normal people can benefit from it - all you need is a credit card with one so-called travel remuneration.

If you use the card wisely, you can do it yourself free airline tickets and bargain luxury travel get hold of. And also take advantage of a service called JetSuite, where you can spontaneously and cheaply book a flight with a private jet.

Basis for negotiation: The rich pay less for real estate

Whoever buys a new house usually doesn’t lose it Brokerage commission around. But even owners who want to sell their four walls prefer to turn to someone who takes care of it.

However, the rich have the advantage here that they usually have to pay less. Here, too, your business acumen comes into play: you prefer to negotiate the costs down, as Sissy Lappin, the author of "Simple and Sold" now reveals.

Who namely less commission to the real estate agent have to pay that can save a lot of money. The same is true if you want to buy a house.

If you like a property, you should always get one Make an offer of ten percent below the purchase price. In addition, you should be a little cheeky and include all the furniture and household appliances that you like, as the information portal Zillow confirms.

Anyone who invests in real estate can even get rich - without spending a lot of money. An English woman also wanted to sell her house in a dubious way - and got a lot for it.

Scholarships & Co .: Financing higher education without spending a lot of money

The rich seem to have an easier time getting a good education. Especially when it comes to elitist private schools. After all, this can only be afforded by those where mum and dad shell out up to tens of thousands of euros per semester.

But students from poorer backgrounds also have this opportunity. Because there are many foundations and universities in Germany that Offer scholarships and programs, in which socially disadvantaged students are allowed to participate.

Often the tuition fees and materials as well as living expenses are covered by them so that the students can concentrate fully on their studies. The only condition: they have to very good gradescan show to get a scholarship.

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