Why don't prostitutes marry

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It may seem strange to many, but situations in Thailand are very common when a western man marries a bar girl, or in other words a prostitute. In fact, for most western men who come here to relax or live permanently, bar girls from the local sex industry are the only secrets they encounter.

Some western men who marry a Thai prostitute have so many problems that they cannot even imagine. If you are a western guy or you know someone who is seriously considering marrying a girl from a Thai bar, here are some issues you should consider.

Thai bar girls want money

First of all, don't be fooled. Most Thai prostitutes meet a western man for money. After all, where most Thais still get low wages, western men get a lot more, even in poorly paid jobs.

For Thai ex-prostitutes who come from poor families, marrying a western man is a chance for a new life without poverty. So if you think your bar sneaker is crazy about you, think again. This is most likely not the case.

Thai bar girls meet several men at the same time

Often, western men who spend their vacation in Tai meet with a bar girl, sometimes they even fall in love with her. When they return home, they transfer money to their Thai lover's account every month.

She may be asking for money for a sick family member or because a buffalo in the household has died (seriously, some girls use such an excuse), and the man makes a transfer on those needs.

What the man does not know is that his girlfriend from Tai still has a few western "foreigners" who also send her money every month in the hope of loyalty. Some Thais have been doing this for years and can save enough money to buy a home for themselves or their family - all funded by an unsuspecting Western "dude".

I recently met a girl from a bar who told me a story about how she had just managed to get enough money from two western men for the breast augmentation surgery she dreamed of. She met them when the men were vacationing in Bangkok, made sure they were in a relationship with them, and then kept in touch at some distance to ask for money.

Both men who seemed to me in love sent her several hundred dollars a month. A few months later, with that money, she was able to get the breast she wanted so badly.

Educational differences

Another problem western men face when choosing a Thai bar girl for a relationship is the difference in education. It can be difficult enough being married to a Thai ex-prostitute in normal life. Especially when it comes to big cultural differences.

Western men who are in a relationship with a Thai bar girl who couldn't get enough education are usually quick to discover that they have little in common. Such a woman knows little about the world outside of Taya and prefers to spend time watching TV shows or gossiping with her friends.

When a man tries to have a deeper conversation on political or social issues, or even just ordinary news, the girl is almost not interested in it.

Your reputation for meeting or married to a Thai bar girl

Few respected Thai people decide to marry a local prostitute, even though they allow themselves to be in touch with her for one night. Similarly, in the West, most young people do not marry easygoing girls.

However, when the same men come to Thailand they forget that the bar girls are actually ordinary prostitutes. Maybe that's because of their looks: slim, elegant, exotic and beautiful.

They do not believe that marrying a Thai prostitute will damage their reputation or lose their career opportunities as it would at home.

Especially if you stay in Thailand. But Thais aren't stupid - almost all of them can spot a bar girl a mile away thanks to their clothes, language, and behavior. When they meet a western man who appears to be dating or married to a prostitute, they usually lose respect for him.

Marrying a former prostitute can also affect a western man's ability to get a good job, as most relationships in Thai society are based on first impressions and respect. If a western man pretends to have a certain job with his wife, who used to be a bar girl, he has little chance of getting it.

Just not with a Thai ex-prostitute as a woman. Do not get me wrong. Thai bar girls are no worse than ordinary Thai women. Some are even better. It's just that the reality is that if you meet or get married with a prostitute, it will cause a lot of problems in the future. The ones who probably wouldn't have been with the usual secret.

And don't try to convince yourself that "my Thai girl is different" as many men do and then find out months or years later that it isn't really. Of course, there are exceptions to these pure generalizations about Thai bar girls, but there are few. In fact, in my entire life in Thailand I have only met one western man who is still happily married to an ex-prostitute from a Thai bar.

Besides, she is a beautiful woman. Everyone else I know is either unhappily married and facing too many problems or divorced from their Thai wives and facing great financial losses. Not a very good view.