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Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition for effective training sessions

Body Attack sports nutrition is becoming more and more popular among athletes, because Body Attack has a variety of effective products in its range, all of which meet high quality standards. Whether for endurance or weight training, gaming or fitness - Body Attack provides your body with all the important nutrients with top sports nutrition products. Body Attack offers athletes a wide range of sports nutrition products that are specially developed and tested by the Body Attack research and development department. Body Attack's sports nutrition includes, for example, amino acids and proteins, which are important for building muscle, as well as glutamines, EFX Kre-Alkalyn and vitamins. Diet-conscious people are also at the right place with us, because Body Attack contains a range of delicious low-carb products.

Why is optimal nutrition so important in training? In addition to training, nutrition and regeneration are particularly important in order to achieve optimal training success. Since the body is exposed to intense stress during daily training, it is particularly important to supply each cell with sufficient nutrients. Despite intensive training phases, there are no deficiencies. However, inadequate nutrient absorption quickly occurs if regular meals cannot be consumed due to lack of time. Muscle building can be limited by insufficient supply. Body Attack products supply your muscles with all the important nutrients and facilitate the supply of calories through the simple and quick preparation of the products. Test Body Attack sports nutrition now and support your body with everything it needs.

Sports nutrition - what is it actually?

A frothy protein shake, a huge portion of pasta or the classic muesli bar - what really belongs to sports nutrition?

The definition of the term is difficult. Because the term Sports nutrition, also Sports nutrition, is neither legally protected nor scientifically specifically defined.

In a broader sense
A wholesome, nutrient-rich diet is a cornerstone of athletic success. Fruit, vegetables and a lot of water can safely be described as sports nutrition in the broader sense. But there is more to a balanced sports diet than bananas and water.

In a narrow sense
Sports nutrition in the narrower sense specifically means products with a balanced macro and micronutrient ratio that are intended to support athletes during training units, competition phases, diets and regeneration times. These primarily include dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements "can meet an increased need for nutrients and thus compensate for a nutritional deficiency. Increased performance, reduced fatigue and strengthening the immune system are just some of the factors that can be achieved with the help of dietary supplements.

Those who do intensive sport have an increased need for nutrients. Sports nutrition, in the narrower and broader sense, is therefore food that is adapted to the sporting loads. This includes conventional solid and liquid food as well as dietary supplements.

Sports nutrition in the narrower sense can be differentiated accordingly. In the current literature, nutrition is further subdivided into sport and sport phase-specific nutrition. This means that endurance athletes use different products than strength athletes. And strength athletes in the mass building phase eat differently than their training partners who are in the definition phase. In addition, factors such as age, gender and level of training play a decisive role in choosing the right sports nutrition.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for daily meals

Sports nutrition is now available from A for arginine to Z for zinc in a steadily growing market. For most athletes, sports nutrition has become an indispensable part of their daily diet. Protein powder can undoubtedly be described as the most popular sports nutrition among athletes. After all, protein is the basic building block of muscle cells. But other substances such as vitamins and minerals are also popular as sports nutrition.

Forbidden substances to improve performance, which are summarized under the term doping, are to be distinguished from legal sports nutrition in the narrower sense.

What is special about sports nutrition?

  • can help maintain and build muscle mass
  • can support repair processes in the body
  • refills empty energy stores
  • can make calorie intake easier
  • can increase body weight
  • can promote the definition of muscle mass
  • can optimally support diet phases

Dietetic foods

The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) writes that dietetic foods are intended for special nutrition. However, this special diet does not necessarily have to be light foods or slimming foods.
According to the Duden, the word is derived diet from the Greek word dayita from what as much as Way of life means and is known to mean a reduced diet. The equality of terms diet and Reduced diet but is not correct. The latter are just sub-categories of diet.

It is not only dieters who use dietetic foods. In particular, babies and toddlers, pregnant women and the sick are dependent on the supply of dietetic foods.

Dietetic foods are strictly regulated with regard to the manufacturing process, ingredients and composition and are made visible to consumers by means of labeling. According to the BMELV, this should ensure that "for these particularly sensitive consumer groups, only foods that are suitable for them are offered." *

The regulations for dietetic foods can be found in the German Diet Ordinance.

Weight loss products are only one group of diet foods. These products can be used as a complete meal replacement as part of a reduced-calorie diet. Dietary foods in this category have a balanced carbohydrate-protein ratio and provide the body with all the necessary substances.

This includes the Layenberger Slim Shake, which is sold in the Body Attack Shop. Despite the reduced calorie intake, the body receives all the important nutrients it needs with the slim diet shake. At the stated dosage, the fiber glucomannan contributes to weight loss. Layenberger Slim Diet Shake is designed according to ยง14a of the German Diet Ordinance and may therefore be used as a dietary food are designated.

* www.bmelv.de

What advantages for athletes

Every athlete, regardless of whether they are strength, endurance or fitness athletes, needs nutrients. Depending on which goal is pursued, the body needs more carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals or vitamins so that all body building processes and the regeneration of muscle cells can run optimally.

If athletes are undersupplied, performance can decline. An increase in performance is not possible if there is insufficient supply. A strength athlete who does not get enough protein does not have enough building materials to build muscle mass. Because protein helps build muscle mass.

Sports nutrition can influence the following processes:
  • Muscle building
  • Strength and endurance performance
  • Muscle recovery and regeneration
  • Mass building
  • Muscle definition and fat loss
  • Balance the nutritional needs
Endurance athlete
Endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists, rowers or skiers need fast and long-term energy - that is, carbohydrates. In addition, through intensive sweating, valuable minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium are sweated out, which must be returned to the body. In addition to carbohydrates, amino acids such as glutamine and L-arginine are also suitable for endurance athletes.

Strength athletes
Protein is particularly important to build muscle mass. The building material protects existing muscles from degradation and helps build muscle mass. In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, creatine or Kre-Alkalyn are also suitable for increasing physical performance during high-speed strength training in the context of short, intense loads.

Amateur athlete
Depending on the calorie consumption and intensity of training, the need for carbohydrates and proteins can also be covered with conventional foods through regular meals. However, it often happens that athletes do not have time for regular meals or that these are unbalanced and low in vitamins or minerals. A deficiency in protein, minerals or vitamins can be compensated with sports nutrition so that even amateur athletes can maximize their performance.

Game athletes
Sports players need particularly quick energy. Glucose or maltodextrin can be a useful addition here. In addition to being in good physical shape, gaming athletes also need a lot of strength. Therefore, the carbohydrate reserves should be replenished quickly before, during and after training. Sports players often lose a lot of water and minerals through sweating, which can be replenished either through a balanced diet, fitness drinks or multivitamin preparations. Protein also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Sports players therefore need a sufficient intake of proteins.

Other areas of application

Sports nutrition is generally suitable for everyone. The main target group are, of course, athletes. But also dieters, stressed people who, due to lack of time, only eat irregular or inadequate meals, and the elderly as well as people with a weakened immune system can benefit from it.

Especially in the context of a diet the body is undersupplied in terms of energy supply. This is necessary for fat burning to take place at all. Sports nutrition can be used to prevent muscle mass from being burned for energy supply. Proteins contained in sports nutrition protect the muscles and stimulate the metabolism at the same time. With protein like the Body Attack 100% Casein, even complete meals can be replaced. Casein proteins not only fill you up, but also supply the muscle cells with valuable protein. Diets are sensibly supported. Also People with an irregular or one-sided diet can benefit from it. Many people simply don't spend enough time on regular meals because of their job. These people can quickly become undersupplied in minerals and vitamins. Fewer people eat fruit and vegetables, especially in the autumn and winter months, which means that the supply of minerals and vitamins is often below average and inadequate. Sports nutrition can prevent an undersupply. However, this does not mean that an unbalanced diet can be balanced out with dietary supplements such as simple vitamin tablets. The emphasis is on the word Supplements. Dietary supplements can be an alternative in the context of irregular meal consumption until a sufficient supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins can be guaranteed again.

Old people or People with weakened immune systems also benefit from sports nutrition. Because it can make it easier for them to get important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Many seniors find it difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables. Loss of appetite, dental problems, illnesses or restricted mobility can jeopardize a comprehensive supply of nutrients. Whole grain products and dairy products are often no longer tolerated. Sports nutrition can prevent an undersupply of high-quality nutrients and maintain health.

So it is not only aimed at athletes. Anyone who cannot adequately guarantee their nutrient supply can benefit from sports nutrition.

The security factor

Body Attack offers athletes a wide range of products that are specially developed and tested by the Body Attack research and development department.

Only companies that comply with the guidelines of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept) work. Get extensive advice from nutrition experts about Body Attack's sports nutrition!

When buying sports nutrition, attention should be paid to a high quality standard. You should feel well informed by the seller or the product descriptions. At Body Attack there are therefore information flyers on the individual products, in which detailed nutritional information and instructions for use of the respective sports nutrition can be found.

Whey protein for building muscle

Whey protein is one of the most valuable proteins for building muscle and maintaining muscle mass. It is obtained from milk and has a very high biological value on. The protein product extracted from milk or whey tastes pleasant and provides valuable BCAA. BCAA are the proteinogenic amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine, which are particularly popular with athletes. They are also known as so-called muscle amino acids, as they make up about 30% of the muscles.

In the field of sports nutrition, whey protein is offered as isolate, hydrolyzate and concentrate. They differ in their manufacturing process and, as a result, in their ingredients.

Order sports nutrition on the Internet

Of course, the preparations can also be ordered on the Internet. Compared to conventional fitness stores, online shops like Body Attack's offer a much larger selection of different products. In the Body Attack online shop you can easily order sports nutrition such as protein shakes, weight gainers, creatine, vitamins or amino acids in different dosage forms and price ranges. This means that athletes can buy the sports nutrition they want on the Internet almost regardless of their budget and have it conveniently delivered to their home.

Detailed nutritional information and instructions for use are also an absolute must in the online shop. Product videos can make it easier to choose the right sports nutrition and provide a closer look. In addition, the possibility of receiving direct advice - be it by e-mail, chat or telephone - as offered by Body Attack, should definitely be available when buying sports nutrition on the Internet.

Sports nutrition - useful or nonsense?

The question arises again and again whether sports nutrition really makes sense. If you want to achieve something, success rests on three important pillars: Training, nutrition and regeneration. None of the pillars should be neglected. Diet is especially important when building muscle. The body needs nutrients, i.e. carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, for the increased metabolic activity and the building processes. If meals are missed or if the meals are not rich in nutrients, the body is under-supplied. The metabolic processes are slowed down. This means that the muscle is blocked from growing.

Many leisure and endurance athletes make the mistake of paying little attention to sports nutrition - they only value effective training. In the long run, however, this leads to failure, because only an optimally cared for body can achieve maximum performance. Sports nutrition has become indispensable in weight training and bodybuilding.

This can be seen particularly well in endurance sports. A marathon runner who has not had an optimal supply of carbohydrates and electrolytes can quickly suffer cardiovascular collapse while running. Carbohydrates can certainly be consumed with a balanced diet, but practice is usually more difficult than expected. Often meals are skipped due to lack of time or the foods are no longer particularly rich in vital substances. Sports nutrition is therefore suitable for all types of sport, depending on the training intensity and eating habits.

Some people see exercise nutrition as just the protein that bodybuilders consume to build muscle. Sports nutrition is more than that: it can accelerate the regeneration processes, increase strength and endurance performance, build or define mass, meet nutritional needs and much more.

Sports nutrition, however, is not intended to be a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. However, it can serve as a supplement if not all nutrients and vital substances can be absorbed through the diet. E.g. in bodybuilding. A large amount of carbohydrates must be consumed during the bulking phase. That can hardly be achieved with a normal diet. In addition, meals are heavy in the stomach and can have a negative impact on training. Endurance athletes also benefit from the ingestion of fast carbohydrates that do not burden the digestive system and do not affect training.Strength athletes often use sports nutrition because animal proteins often contain purines, cholesterol and fat. This can be avoided by consuming protein powder. Even minerals and vitamins can usually not be supplied in sufficient quantities because, on the one hand, too few fruits and vegetables are often eaten or the minerals and vitamins have already been lost due to incorrect storage and long transport routes.

As a supplement, sports nutrition can be an important part of the optimal supply of the body. And not just for athletes. Many groups can benefit from exercise nutrition:

  • People who are on a diet

  • People who cannot eat regular meals due to lack of time

  • Seniors and the elderly

  • People with weakened immune systems

  • People with one-sided or inadequate nutrition

Body Attack offers athletes a wide range of sports nutrition products in its online shop, which are specially developed and tested by the Body Attack research and development department. Body Attack's sports nutrition includes, for example, carbohydrates and amino acids as well as proteins, which are important for building muscle. You can also get glutamine, EFX Kre-Alkalyn and vitamins from sports nutrition experts. And diet-conscious people are also right at Body Attack, because we offer a range of very tasty low-carb products.

Image sources: Shutterstock (Tischenko Irina / Gresei / Jiri Hera / Yuri Arcurs / RTimages)

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