What makes a person really happy?

Study recommends That makes almost everyone happy

Whether on the way to work, shopping in the supermarket, eating in the restaurant or taking a walk in the park - we meet strangers every day. We notice most of them for a moment, but very few of them are remembered. Often we also shy away from coming into contact with strangers for no apparent reason. But this is exactly a mistake, as a study shows!

Behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley from the University of Chicago and his colleague Juliana Schroeder, professor of organizational management at the University of California at Berkeley, have found that contact with strangers increases the well-being and thus the happiness of every individual.

Even these little everyday hacks can increase your own happiness!

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Study shows: contact with strangers increases one's happiness

The two professors came to this conclusion after studying the behavior of people on their morning commute on behalf of the British broadcaster BBC. Epley and Schroeder first wanted to know how the commuters would feel if they started a conversation with strangers. Most of the respondents thought that this could lead to an uncomfortable situation - but they were quickly convinced otherwise and positively surprised.

The commuters estimated that only about 40 percent of their fellow travelers would be willing to talk to them. But the participants in the experiment quickly found that the people next to them had absolutely no problem making contact and even enjoyed talking to each other. Further examinations during bus and taxi rides or in a waiting room also confirmed this result.

The result: Of course, nobody wants unwanted intrusiveness, but a little "hello" often has a much more positive effect on others than you might think. The study found that while most people do not start a conversation with a stranger for no reason, they are still happy to be contacted - especially when it is started with positive intentions.

But why is that so?

Positive thinking is considered to be the key to happiness. You can find out why this is so here:

Positive relationships with other people are the main component of happiness

The study comes to the conclusion that people who speak to other people and hear their voices quickly notice similarities in terms of thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. Short conversations with strangers therefore have a positive effect on the emotional life of each individual, because we experience confirmation. Often, rather unpleasant feelings such as everyday stress are transformed into the nice feeling of mutual understanding. So everyone automatically feels happier.

The brightening of the mood through communication is in turn due to the nature of humans themselves: humans are social beings who are happier and healthier when they surround themselves with others. Isolation and loneliness, on the other hand, are considered stressors, which in turn can become a serious health risk. Positive relationships with other people are seen as a big step towards happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy, but often you stand in your own way. You can find out how to get rid of these habits and become happier here: