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12 Tips for Effective Email Marketing in 2020

Often the number one goal for email marketers is to have as long a contact list as possible. However, it is not the sheer number of contacts that is decisive, but rather the quality of the distributor - So the question of the extent to which the mailings are responded to positively. The careful and continuous care The recipient list is thus another key to successful email marketing.

An email contact list is basically composed of three types of contacts:

1. Active contacts opening an email

2. Unsubscribed contacts who have unsubscribed from the mailing list

3. Excluded contacts that you have unsubscribed or blacklisted.

A well-kept contact list should only consist of e-mail addresses that actually exist and want to receive your e-mails. Returns, inactive contacts and bounces should therefore be removed regularly. In the long term, you ensure high deliverability as well as better campaign performance and avoid your messages being classified as spam. So that subscribers can easily unsubscribe from your newsletter, each of your e-mails must an unsubscribe link to be available.

Incidentally, it offers itself above all for shop owners to link their e-commerce platform with the e-mail marketing software via a plug-in. This will become the newsletter recipient automatically synchronized and you can use certain filters and criteria such as B. the purchase history can be segmented.