Miss married life after divorce

Stay or separate?

Anyone thinking about a breakup should also think about how their own life would change. And he should consider whether he likes this change. If you trust your partner and always discuss problems with him first, you probably still have a firm hold in your partner. Anyone who misses him as soon as he has been away for a few days or just one night and feels comfortable around him also has many positive feelings for the partner.

Joint activities, joint conversations and a shared love life are important for a stable relationship. If most of the aspects are still correct, then when it comes to the question of whether to separate or stay, that speaks in favor of staying. Instead of hastily packing your bags and leaving a partner with whom you feel comfortable and for whom you still have feelings, you should consider fighting for the relationship.

But where do the reasons for thinking about the breakup come from? If you miss conversations or long for a fulfilled love life, if you want to do more joint ventures, you should definitely seek a conversation with your partner. People who speak can be helped. If the partner is just as interested in the relationship, he will try to talk about desires and fulfill them.

Sometimes, however, problems also come from outside and you are unhappy, stressed and dissatisfied yourself. This can also affect a healthy relationship and lead to a lot of arguments. Especially then you should talk to your partner about your own situation so that he understands why you might react irritably and dissatisfied. As long as there is trust, love, and common goals, it can be worth investing energy and time into the relationship and renewing it again. There are small problems and dissatisfactions almost everywhere, if the foundation of the relationship is correct, but these can be remedied together.