Should you tip your hairdresser

Hair Salon Etiquette: How Much Should You Tip Your Hairdresser?

Not sure how much to tip your hairdresser? You're not alone. After all, the relationships you form in a salon can be the most intimate of your life. Who but your barber can examine your gray or damaged hair with such practical indifference? As for bikini waxing, she might not be your friend, but she's your ... bikini waxer. It doesn't get much closer than that.

We asked Tahnee Seiler, student coaching at the Aveda Institute, and Elie Camoro, a top stylist at Frederic Fekkai, to tell us the right way to get to the tip. They also share some customers' faux pas.

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How much tip should you give your hairdresser?

What customers do: In Aveda's informal poll, the lowest tip was 10 percent and the highest was 25 percent, but most women said they stayed at 20. In and around large cities, the percentage was more generous, although the services cost more. Women with super short hair that they cut and dye every four to six weeks don't always tip because their annual beauty bill is so high. However, stylists in some small-town beauties cite 15 percent as the norm. Those who work in malls or drop-in hair salons and have less loyal customers sometimes get even less tips.

What salon staff want you to do: Start with 20 percent to be fair. Young mothers the ante when their preschoolers are into the haircut. If you're late or have a toddler with you, increase your tip. Other reasons to tip more: If the salon squeezes you at the last moment, your styling includes a shoulder massage or your manicure includes a hand massage. The bottom line: if you like your barber, tip at least 20 percent. It helps build relationships with the salon and is especially helpful when arranging a short-term appointment.

Says Camoro: “You want to get the best personal care and develop a relationship. You don't want to fall into the other category in a large salon where all service is by appointment only. They want to be one of those customers who can summon a whim when you fly out of town and ask if we can fit you in. "

Should you tip the shampoo person ??

What customers do: It is confusing. Many tip 20 percent, and the number the stylist shares with the shampoo washer is large. Several women compared it to eating in a posh restaurant with a wine steward and waiter, where they only tip and assume the restaurant will share it.

What salon staff want you to do: Forget the restaurant idea. Type each one individually. In large salons, give the washer at least $ 3 to $ 5. The more shampooers (such as toner or other specialty products) the more you should give. But in smaller towns like Brewer, Maine, a $ 5 tip for a shampoo would seem excessive, as the price of a shampoo, conditioning, cut, and blow dry at Defining Design is $ 21, and stylist Roxie Boudreau does it all herself.

Do you drink the owner of a hair salon ??

What customers do: The common belief is that you shouldn't tip the salon owner when he or she is doing your hair. But more and more customers are doing it.

What salon staff want you to do: This rule really no longer applies. Let's go, tip the owner.

What mistake stylists?

What customers do: In the age of cell phones, laptops and Blackberries, customers are doing too much in the barber chair. But they may not know how much it bothers the stylists.

What salon staff want you to do: Be on time. Do not cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. Don't be so sick that you cough all the way through your haircut. And don't sit on your phones and tablets. Your body needs to be in the right position for a good haircut. Sit up and look ahead, not over a keyboard or magazine. What if you just enjoy setting yourself apart and not talking? No problem, say stylists. They understand that some people just want to chill out and be pampered. And if you doze off while dyeing your hair, so be it.

What about gifts?

What customers do: When tied to a stylist, clients give both money and gifts during the vacation. Gifts can be handmade items, such as a craft or biscuits. Items purchased are also acceptable.

What salon staff want you to do: Stylists appreciate the thanks and appreciation during the holidays. Even a card works. “Write a note on it and don't forget to include your name. We always read them, ”says Camoro.

This story was originally published on on January 1, 2013.