What are the best web analytics tools

The best Google Analytics alternatives at a glance

With regard to its functions, there is not much objection to the tracking tool from Google: The features offered keep what they promise, and the results provided provide proven webmasters with detailed information about which Content of your web project optimized must be and which content is already achieving the desired success. In addition, there is the fact that the service can be used free of charge.

Nevertheless, Google Analytics also has its weaknesses: For example, the length of time spent on a page is only measured when the visitor calls up another page. If he closes his browser instead, Google Analytics outputs a dwell time of zero seconds. In addition, the data supplied is rarely accurate to the minute, as is the case with many comparable tools. In addition, there is the fact that there are numerous browser plug-ins that block Google Analytics - or JavaScript, on the basis of which the tool is based.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of using the website analysis tool from Google is the fact that all data collected about the visitors is stored on the company's servers. For this purpose, the software transmits the user information received via cookies directly to Google. Only after several years does the Internet giant delete this data from its serversthat on top of that too in the USA and for whom the rather loose American data protection applies. It is unclear whether and how Google will process this user data. It is conceivable that they are mainly used to adapt the search algorithm used.

The traces of users who have a Google account and have thus also integrated the Google cookie in their browser can be linked directly to the account by Google using the analysis results. The group can theoretically track every step taken by the user as long as he visits websites that use Google Analytics. In summary, the following speak in favor of using a Google Analytics alternative Disadvantages of the industry leader:

  • Transmission of all data to Google
  • Years of storage of user data on American servers
  • Measurement of the length of stay only after calling up another webpage
  • Analysis data is not accurate to the minute as with comparable services
  • Evaluation of social networks and mobile traffic is not optimal
  • various browser plug-ins block Google Analytics