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Declination of word forms

Here you will find the comparative forms (increments) for the adjective »burning« as well as the inflected forms for the comparative.


(Past participle to burn)

Comparative formsadjective
superlative most burning

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Inflection without article (strong inflection)

Nominativemore burningmore burningmore burning
Genitivemore burningmore burningmore burning
dativemore burningmore burningmore burning
accusativemore burningmore burningmore burning

If an adjective is without an article, for example after an ending word or a proper name, it is strongly declined: out of pure compassion (neuter dative); Anna's new job (Mask. Nom.).

Inflection with a definite article (weak inflection)

Nominativethe more burning onethe more burning onethe more burning one
Genitivethe more burningthe more burningthe more burning
dativethe more burning onethe more burningthe more burning one
accusativethe more burning onesthe more burning onethe more burning one

If the adjective follows an article or a demonstrative, it is weakly declined: the glistening sun (Fem. Nom.); the motto of this beautiful evening (Mask. Gen.).

Mixed inflection (with one, no Etc.)

Nominativea more burning onea more burning onea more burning one
Genitiveof a more burning onea more burning oneof a more burning one
dativea more burning onea more burning onea more burning one
accusativea more burning onea more burning onea more burning one

Mixed is declined when the adjective is on a, no, mine, your, his, our, your, you follows: my big dream (Mask. Nom.), for the benefit of our small town (Fem. Gen.).

Inflected forms positive
Inflected forms superlative

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