What is the deepest sinkhole

Rudice sinkhole

Rudice sinkhole is the dominant feature of the central part of the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area. Together with the Býčí Skála (Bull Rock), it forms the second longest cave system in the Czech Republic with a total length of over 13 km!

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How should one even imagine such a "sinkhole" (sink cave, karst funnel)?

The Jedovnický brook sinks underground and after a 12-kilometer run through the mysterious underground it erupts to the surface of the bull rock in Josefov. A famous bronze statuette of a bull was found in the Býčí skála cave.

Rudice sinkhole is the largest sinkhole in the Moravian Karst, and that is saying something. The water of the Jedovnický brook gradually descends to a depth of 90 meters. One of the highest waterfalls in the Czech Republic is in the abyss!

Right next to the sinkhole - the deepest dry abyss in the Czech Republic - there is a cave with a large dome - one of the largest cave spaces in the Czech Republic. The Serbian siphon then connects this cave to the bull rock.

Lots of highlights! If you are looking for a really romantic destination, you should visit the Rudice Doline and the Moravian Karst as soon as possible.

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