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Thanks to its unique formulation, the preparation PeniSizeXL supports the release of nitric oxides in the nerve tissue near the erectile tissue in the penis. More blood flows through the penile cells, bulging the cells at a faster rate and making them bigger.

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The formulation of PeniSizeXL also includes components that prevent sexual disorders and premature ejaculation. You can surprise your partner not only with your size, but also with a long, excellent sex.

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With the help of PeniSizeXL you can enjoy your feeling of masculinity and offer your partner (and yourself) unforgettable orgasms. PeniSizeXL preparation allows deeper, more precise penetration, which leads to more intense orgasms and unforgettable sensations.


Do you know that...

In 2015, some women’s portals carried out surveys for their readers. Results were surprising. 87% of women confirmed that the size of their partners' penis is not responsible for any satisfaction. Only 39% of the women thought that the penis size was adequate.

Are you sure that the size of your penis will completely satisfy your partner?

Symbol of masculinity and strength

From time immemorial, all civilizations have had great veneration for male genitals. The penis was usually shown in extraordinary sizes, which led to the belief that the size of the penis is evidence of strength and performance. Today women expect such a size that gives them special sensations. And men try to meet these expectations.

Sex is a health value, influences our immune and hormonal systems, supports our mental health. Above all, it satisfies our need for closeness and welds our relationship together. Lack of sex satisfaction, avoidance of sex, and dampening of sexual needs usually lead to nervousness, aggression, and irritability. Sometimes these factors are a cause of psychosomatic and mental illness. Often they lead to the breakdown of relationships.

If you feel that your relationship is about to fail due to the lack of satisfaction, try the PeniSizeXL and offer your partner unearthly orgasms!

The formulation of the product PeniSizeXL is based on carefully selected components. The experience and commitment of our qualified team of experts are responsible for ensuring that the product has a positive effect on the size of the penis and the general quality of sexual life.

Thanks to these components, you will enlarge your penis and improve your sexual performance:

Tribulus Terrestris - supports the release of nitric oxides near the erectile tissue in the penis, causing them to expand and enlarge. It also stimulates the process of spermatogenesis and increases testor levels. It improves male sexual performance.

Muira puama - Means that prevents sexual dysfunction in men, premature ejaculation. The agent improves sexual performance, helps maintain a strong, long-lasting erection.

ginseng - increases libido, helps with erectile dysfunction. Ginsenosides affect the release of nitrogen oxides. This relaxes the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood to the penis.

Maca plant - increases libido in men and increases the development of erections. The maca plant also improves sperm production as well as sperm motility. It is a good source of protein and also retains essential amino acids, including arginine, which is responsible for the flow of blood to the penis, among other things.

Damiana - Improves sexual performance, increases libido, lengthens and strengthens erections.

Sabal palm - supports the libido. Supports sexual functions and protects testosterone from being converted into unwanted dihydrotestosterone. Counteracts problems with the prostate.

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Stories from satisfied customers

The problem does not seem serious to some. However, I've always believed that this 170 cm tall person doesn't understand 150 cm tall people. I was afraid that I would not be able to meet my partner's expectations. I blocked myself when my relationships with women got advanced. I didn't mean to embarrass myself. Yes, many women find that size is not important. However, their expectations of new men are very different. I tried PeniSizeXL. That's how I hit the mark! I will never again consider myself the average person. It wasn't just my new partner who benefited from this. Along with my penis, my self-confidence has also grown.

Hans, 25 years

At my age, after many years with a woman, I was not interested in penis enlargement products. But when my sexual performance began to fail and sex wasn't always successful, I felt that I was disappointing my partner. My wife never told me that, but I couldn't allow our sex life to die. I have read that the preparation PeniSizeXL is very effective against erectile dysfunction, I decided to try the preparation. Now I've already had a 5-week cure behind me. Our sex life is better than it was 20 years ago. How is that possible? We know our bodies, we communicate without words, we know how to satisfy the needs of our partners. The PeniSizeXL gave me the energy of a twenty year old man. And the size? My wife started acting like a twenty year old. This is probably the best confirmation of the effectiveness of the preparation

peter, 51 years

In the past summer vacation, I went for a walk along the coast with my girlfriend. When we saw a lifeguard, I said: look! Do you want to feel these muscles? I was really surprised when my girlfriend said, check out how his shorts are filled. It was just a joke. But that had to make me think. I didn't suspect that my girlfriend was also considering penis size. My limb is rather normal. However, I decided to do an experiment. I decided on the preparation PeniSizeXL. We didn't have to wait long for a reaction from Agnes. She noticed a difference after just 3 weeks. No wonder the difference was really big. She's crazy about my new size.

Tomi, 29 years

For a long time I looked for a method for penis enlargement on the Internet. I wanted to tactfully persuade my husband to opt for penis enlargement. Unfortunately, after two deliveries, his size was no longer sufficient for me. I know this is not my husband's fault. However, I saw no other way out. One day I didn't close the website with PeniSizeXL before my husband walks in. We talked for a long time. Together we decided to order the tablets. The cure had unexpected effects. Not just penis enlargement. My husband also felt more inclined to have sex. In addition, everything takes longer. Together we recommend PeniSizeXL.

Anna, 32 years

I wanted to get to know my wife's opinion on penis enlargement. She told me that I am crazy, not the size, but our love is important. I didn't want to do that behind her back, but I decided to try a supplement. I wanted to confess to using the PeniSizeXL product after a cure. However, that could not be hidden! She quickly noticed that I had more energy and desire for sex. I think that experiments like this are good when you struggle against routine. Again we felt a freshness in our relationship. I have the impression that we are getting to know each other again.

mike, 40 years

We very rarely talk about our complexes. You don't talk to women about your weaknesses. I thought that no one could help me. I finally went to the sexologist who carefully analyzed my problem. He recommended the preparation PeniSizeXL to me. Fortunately, I was able to order the tablets online. I was ashamed to buy it from a pharmacy in my neighborhood. After two days I received discreet luggage. I started using the preparation. That was 6 weeks ago. My penis is finally a size that is not embarrassing. And I've never been so active before, if you know what I'm about;)

BigBoy, 34 years

My erectile dysfunction started after an accident. I have a spine injury. For a few weeks I couldn't move one leg. In the following weeks I was busy with rehab exercises. Unfortunately, my injuries have weakened my condition. It wasn't like it used to be. Even in the bedroom. In addition there were erectile dysfunction. That affected my relationships badly. I finally thought that it couldn't go on like this. We're still young. I was afraid that Wiola would leave me. I have the PeniSizeXL preparation to get my performance back. I thought my bigger penis made up for my partner for never being this lively again. I was right. Now we are discovering a completely different world of sensations.

Igor, 37 years

My marriage has been a formality for years. We only live together because of our children. So I had no conscience when I started a relationship with an intern in our company. It was just a problem. She was half the age of me. I was afraid that their expectations would not be met. It was a young and attractive woman. First I started going to the gym, I also changed my clothes. I didn't just want to look after my appearance, but also my stamina. PeniSizeXL has proven useful. I know this is amoral. At home I have the security and stability, but with Marta I feel freshness and spontaneity. In addition, my wife noticed that I had changed. She is interested in me again. I did not expect such attractions at my age. Everything is thanks to the preparation PeniSizeXL.

Jaro, 45 years


is our priority. We ensure that our product is of the highest quality. It is based entirely on natural components that will help you achieve your goal.

1. What is PeniSizeXL?

PeniSizeXL is a reliable dietary supplement, thanks to which you can lengthen your penis, make it thicker and improve your performance.

2. Is PeniSizeXL safe?

PeniSizeXL has a completely safe formulation that is based exclusively on natural components. The dietary supplement does not cause any side effects. There are documents that confirm the safety of the preparation. In addition, the preparation is also recommended by many doctors.

3. How should one dose PeniSizeXL?

One should take one tablet twice a day. The first tablet should be taken about 20 minutes before the first meal and the second 30-40 before sexual intercourse. On those days when you are not sexually active, the second tablet should be taken 20 minutes before a meal. The dose must not be exceeded.

4. How long does one package last?

There are 60 tablets in one package, which can be used for a monthly cure.

5. When are the first effects?

Components that strengthen and prolong the erection make it possible to notice the first effects after the first capsule. The first effects in the area of ​​penis enlargement are noticeable after 2-3 weeks if the product is used regularly and correctly.

6. Is it allowed to drink alcohol during the cure?

Yes. There are no PeniSizeXL-alcohol interactions. However, forget that alcohol has a negative impact on your body and can worsen the effects of the cure and the quality of your sexual life.

7. How long do you wait for the mail?

Orders are processed within 1-2 working days. The shipment is delivered by a courier, by post, etc. in a small, discreet package.

8. Can I pay cash on delivery?

You can only pay domestically by copying. In the case of foreign orders, it is essential to pay by card.

9. Is it possible to send foreign items?

Yes. In the case of foreign orders, prepayment applies.

10. Will someone find out that I am using the PeniSizeXL preparation?

The privacy of our customers is very important to us. Our products are packed in the usual packages and delivered directly to the address given. So there is no way anyone can find out what you bought. It is possible to pick up the product at one point. So you can decide for yourself when to pick up your parcel. Without an intermediary.

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